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How to Shop For a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement RingOne among the most thrilling times in a person's life is getting engaged to the love of your life and planning for your wedding. It takes quite some time to find the special someone, so when you finally do, you'll want your engagement's physical representation to be ideal. Before you propose to her, you may want to consider shopping for rings together. In case this may kill the mystery, you can consider partnering up with your fiancé's relatives and friends.

In case you've decided to get a sapphire ring to act as a symbol of engagement to your spouse, consider the shopping guide below:

• Cut 

A sapphire's cut defines how well it will reflect light so as to show the stone's brilliance. A better sapphire cut will surely have a significant effect on the ring's beauty. A sapphire ring with right proportions refracts the light better out of the stone's top. However, sapphires with lesser cut allows for a considerable amount of light to escape away from the stone's bottom, hence give rise to a much less brilliant sapphire.

• Color

This is the most essential factor in determining a sapphire ring's value. Sapphires are hardly clean and even the very costly stones can be a bit flawed. Fine sapphire stones are of good color and clarity and are usually rare and highly valued. Very saturated medium or even medium dark stones are the best. Sapphire stones that are extremely light are worth much less. Whenever the color of a sapphire stone differs from blue, they're referred to as the fancy sapphires, alternating with the color adjectives added to the stone's name, for instance, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange sapphire and brown sapphire, among others.

• Shape 

Even though cut and shape are at times used reciprocally, they aren't the same. Cut is used to refer to the symmetry and proportion, whereas shapes refer to the real shape or the contour of the stone. There are eight well-known sapphire shapes including round, princess, emerald, pear, heart, radiant, marquise and asscher. When selecting the shape of a sapphire ring, the most essential factor to consider is what appeals you.

• Clarity 

Majority of gemstones often have tiny flaws known as inclusions, frequently not seen by the naked eye. Pay very close attention to the product's details when making a choice. Most sapphires normally contain certain blemishes inside and this is what gives every sapphire stone its unique identity. The most significant thing to bear in mind is that you neither want the inclusions in the sapphire to be visible, neither do you want for them to be so extreme that they end up affecting the stone's durability and brilliance. When sapphire engagement rings are moved up the clarity scale, you'll usually notice a major increase in the price.

• Carat

The size of a sapphire is measured by the weight in carats. The prices rise as the carat weight increases. Selecting a somewhat smaller carat weight could help you save money and still enable you to present a stunning sapphire engagement ring to your spouse.

Evidently, it isn't difficult to shop for your ideal sapphire engagement ring. All you have to know is how to go about it and what to look for. Get Turkey visas in case you'll need to travel to Turkey or any other destination that requires a transit through Turkey to buy the ring.

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