Saturday, 2 March 2013

Indian Daisy Spacer Bead

Indian Dasiy Spacer Beads
Product Name: Indian Daisy Spacer Bead

Product Code: BAA005

Product Description: Exclusive to Legend India’s Import Export Limited, this handmade piece of spacer bead is unique on its own. It could be used as a pendant, stringed together to make a necklace or even used as one of the beads in a beaded finger ring.  Another way to enhance the beauty of this spectacular bead is to use it alternatively on a string of pearls. With a wide range of silver purity that starts from 92.5% to 0%, that decides it weight, this one is approximately 0.3 grams. The size of bead is about 2 x 6mm. Plating and polishing services are also available for further embellishing.

Silver Purity: We are offering a wide range of silver purity, range starts from 92.5% purity to 0%

Base Metal: We are offering a wide range of metal alloy used for base metal like copper / brass / nickel silver / Bronze / pewter

Weight: 0.3 grams approx. (it is approximate weight of sterling silver product. If we change silver purity, then weight may change)

Size: 2 x 6 mm approx. (may have little difference)

MOQ: 250 grams for sterling silver (92.5% pure) 500 grams for any other metal alloy

Polishing / Plating: We are offering a wide range of silver / gold plating method, like silver shiny, silver oxidize, gold vermeil, micron plating etc

Craft Style: World class fine quality Indian Daisy Spacer Bead

Copy rights: Legend India’s Import Export Limited

Country of Origin: India

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