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925 Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Bracelet
The fact that women love to adorn themselves with jewellery is a very well known fact to every man. They have fetish for jewellery items which includes necklaces, rings, bracelet, earrings and many other items of which the list may take a long time to write. In one of these items belongs a bracelet which is one of the most sought after items by women. Well bracelets are one jewellery item which is not a women’s item but also a men’s item. They fall in the wish list of both men and women but generally it falls in the feminine category as they are items which enhance the beauty of a woman.

Every woman is well accustomed with such an item and the place where it is worn. Generally these are worn around one’s wrist. But during the period after the evolution of bracelets, it has evolved in form and character. There is a plethora of jewellery items now available in the market which is tailor-made to suit the particular needs of an individual. Now coming to items from which such an item can be made the list is very exhaustive as with time one has seen many types of bracelets made from different types of metals. Some materials from which such bracelets are manufactured are leather, plastic, cloth, shells, small beads, stones, pearls and many other items.

925 Sterling Silver Flower Designed Bracelet
Bracelets have their own significance in the countries in which they are worn. The facts based on which such items are worn in a country differ from country to country with their own reason behind it. In some places situated in India women wear bangles of different types and numbers which in turn denote their marital position. In place like Greece people weave bracelets from string of red and white colour in the Month of March and wear till the summer ends as they have a notion that it would protect them from the scorching Greek god Sun. So, every place has its own story to tell about this item but one of the main things that it really does is that it beautifies the individual wearing it; especially women.

925 Sterling Silver Bracelets
Now coming to the types and features of the bracelets the list is very exhaustive but the main categories under which it can be divided are discussed below along with brief description in order to provide sufficient knowledge to people who are not familiar with it.

Charm Bracelets:  This is one type of bracelet that brings charm to the wearer. It is an all supposed notion that such items are worn around the wrist on occasions of merry in order to maintain the charm of such person. Now they have become more of a fashion item where they are so beautifully crafted that one would definitely be charmed by the mere look of it like Italian charms, Bead charms, antique bracelets and many other differently made items. The essence of these lies in how they attach one to the memories of their loved one. This is where the real charm lies. They are generally made of metals, glass or enamel which are beautifully crafted and are adorned with beads to beautify it.

Rope Designed Cheap Silver Bracelet
Slap Bracelets:  This is one of the modern avatars of the traditional bracelet and is immensely popular among the teenagers. This type of items is generally made from steel flexible in nature which is then sealed from a material or a cover generally plastic. These are slapped around the wrist which ultimately takes the shape of the wrist and can also be straightened out. They are available in various textures and colours and were very recently re-introduced using plastic spring material. The main disadvantage of this band was that it sometimes led to injuries due to which it was banned in several schools.

Bangles:  One of the very popular forms of bracelet especially in India where one would definitely find in every home. The most important characteristics of bangles are that it is very hard or rigid in nature generally available in glass. Women’s wear such bangles in the group which makes a very cordial effect of sound. These types of bangles are also made from metal and gold and worn around one wrist and also around the ankle.

Classic Sterling Silver Bracelet
Health Bracelets:  The evolution of this item over time has led to the introduction such items that are tailor-made to be effective in removing one’s heath related problem. In this category several types are available to suit the particular needs of the individual like magnetic, karma and energy bracelets.  Each of these are supposed to cater to a particular function like the karma bracelet is supposed to bring immense good luck to the individual wearing it in addition to excellent karma (action). Similarly, an energy bracelet used by athletics today which if worn during every physical exercise tends to bring immense natural energy in the body.

Beaded Bracelets: These are very easily available and easy to make items as they can be made with bead having a hole in its centre. All one needs is one simple form string or any other elastic type band in which such beads will be assembled. This has also come into fashion where different types of bracelets are made in very attractively arranged bead of different colour combination. Nowadays, gold and other precious stones are used to make such type of jewellery giving it a far reaching effect. 

925 Sterling Silver Bracelets
Sport Bracelets: Also known as “balling band” or “wristband” it has recently gained popularity. The credit behind the popularity of such band goes to well-known Tennis player, Lance Armstrong and multinational company, Nike. They are essentially being made from silicone material and popular in the sports arena.

So, one could easily make the type of bracelets that are available in the market and their significance. Each and every bracelet caters to some specific function so one should know the importance of such items before buying. The role they played earlier has now been transformed to great extent and now such items are being used for multi-purpose activity.

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                                                                                                                 Writer - Manish Jain

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