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What Gems Color Signify?

Although it sounds unbelievable, yet colours and numbers have close relations with each other. They are complementary to each other. A correct combination of the two can bring about peace, prosperity and happiness to the wearer. Men and women often experience that they are happy and peaceful in a particular environment. Similarly their moods are influenced by the colour of walls of rooms and the colour of furniture. Generally light colours bring about peace to mind and are helpful in giving us sound asleep while dark colours cause unnecessary tension and a disturbed sleep.

White Gem
It was because of close relations between the two that ancient saints insisted on the use of particular colours and right types of gems. In modern times, too, numerology attaches major significance to numbers. In astronumerology different solar signs have been allocated certain colours and numbers. We will discuss in brief here some salient features of some of the main colours.

White: This colour signifies purity and ambition, a pure mind with authority. Those who wear this colour are systematic in work, prefer to be perfect, active and eager to complete the work on time. Such people may make a mark in the political sphere and learn a lot from the experiences of others. They are well sought after by the opposite sex members. They acquire patience, perseverance and zeal to

 Work hard. They carry concern for the downtrodden and shed ego.

Persons having numbers 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8 should prefer white colour besides those who are learned professionals. ‘

. Green Gem
Those who have made white colour as part of their wrsonality acquire self-discipline, and will have brilliant ideas to use their talent and think positively. If they can combine white with colours like green, black and maroon, they might get additional marital happiness, more faith on the Almighty and easily attract the attention of the tribe of the fair sex.

Green: Persons who are fond of green colour prefer to live a happy life. They are mentally alert, quick in all matters, make progress in life, are sympathetic towards others and give importance to adjustment. 

Orange Gem
They remain energetic, adjusting to circumstances, prefer change and a peaceful life.

Orange: This colour signifies renunciation and a stage might come in one's life, if they continue to regularly wear the colour, when they develop a philosophical outlook. Such people have the maxim: simple living and high thinking. Constant use of the colour would purify the wearer's mind, intellect and control his mind. They would speak the language of love and dedicate themselves for the noble causes and service to the human being.

Red Gem
Red: This colour tends for boldness, bravery, power, energy and authority. Those who prefer to wear red colour love to live a life of and order and discipline. There are fond of leading an adventurous life-hunting, exploring, navigating and mountaineering. Persons of birth numbers 4 and 8 should wear this colour in combination with white. But this colour also denotes rashness, confusion and haughtiness. It is also the colour for quarrels, strifes, wars, destruction, fire and fury. The colour is useful for the newly married ladies as it imparts unending energy, force and vigour. But people with mental

A complete hook on gems ailments or suffering from insomnia or hypertension should not use it.

Blue Gem
Blue: This is a colour for those who are fond of good and beautiful thing in life. The wearer of this colour acquires philosophical outlook in life. The colour is associated with Venus, the planet of love and affection. Those who have interest in occult science and faith in God mostly prefer it. The colour makes one sometime easy going and generous in many matters even at personal cost and raises his nobler qualities. It keeps him cool. Such a person is a lover of beauty, nature, music, dance, drama, poetry, etc. This colour may induce sleep and rest and make the wearer calm. The person is fond of luxuries. He is soft spoken and gentle and generous to the fair sex. 

Light blue colour is linked with Jupiter which is the planet of joy and happiness. Such a person likes peace and harmony. To them domestic harmony is foremost. They are closely attached to homes and its people. They are good mixers and impress other with their manners. They get easily attached to those they come into contact with, but even minor irritants in personal relations and ties disturb them beyond measure. They should combine white or grey colour in case they find that they are unable to resist temptations of life.

Blue colour is good for investments and financial stability. Financial institutions are advised to use blue or grey colour on exteriors. That will help them to draw more business and multiply their assets and profits. A combination of red and black is also considered to be good for success. It is also an ideal combination for young ladies in public relation jobs to attract people's attention. It can also give benefit to those engaged in show business, entertainment, hotels, fashions, etc.

Yellow Gem
Yellow: The colour indicates strength, wisdom, creative intelligence, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It is linked with a lot of good fortune and easy flow of money. The colour bestows ample opportunities to fair sex to acquire objectiveswith greater confidence, especially in personal matters. The colour produces an optimistic and righteous approach in life and the wearers will formulate nobles ideas, be ambitious, bold and generous, honest and truthful and engage himself in charities. They will acquire social acceptability and become popular.

They would devote extra energies to the development of intellectual and literary talents. The use of this colour in the case of females has often prevented misunderstanding and irritants in marital life. When used in combination with blue, white, lemon or pale blue, it will improve the wearer's happiness and financial prospect in the long run. A combination of yellow and green is particularly favorable for success in financial matters. A combination of green, yellow, maroon and black is highly recommended for those who may have cut off family ties but are wanting to restore tiles ties. Ladies who are fond of this colour will be desirous of indulging in conversations and will have the ability to impress others in social circles.

. Black Gem
Black: The black colour represents faithfulness, discipline, devotion, sincerity and hard work. Those who prefer this colour are serious minded and totally given up to hard work. They go up the ladder in life by hard work, their ability and intelligence. But the progress is slow although steady. They have great faith in the Creator and prefer to face challenges in life. The wearer of black colour can have some relaxation from their otherwise serious and busy life if they can combine this with white and dark brown colour. Persons wearing black colour have a soft heart for the poor, the meek, the sick and the oppressed. They are justice loving. In old age they are inclined towards religion and philosophy and give up luxuries of life.

Grey Gem
Grey: Grey colour is preferred by those who are serious-minded and who believe in observing strict discipline, hard work and attainment of perfection. It also bestows qualities of caution and mental alertness which can save the wearer

Against deception and foul play. It is good for those who may be haunted by the evil spirits or bad dreams. If one fears imaginary mishaps, use of grey colour in combination with white or black or blue can give added confidence in love and life. It is also preferable for those who want to specialize in fields like engineering, research, architecture, town planning and big business magnates.

.Brown Gem
Brown: This colour is associated with intellectual pursuits, depth of vision and creative faculties. All those who have to work in professional and educational fields must wear this.

If one wears it with white or yellow, it can lead to success after initial set-backs. This is also the colour for research scholars and those who have a flair for writing. For those who have their birth number as 4 or 8 must wear it.

Planets and Colours

Different planets are associated with different colours as the following chart will show: 

Saturn black, grey, brown and indigo
Mars - Red, scarlet
Jupiter - Purple, violet and mauve
Sun - Yellow, orange and golden
Venus - Lemon, light blue, silver white
Mercury – Green
Rahu - Reddish grey
Ketu - Brown and multi-coloured
Moon - White, green
Uranus - Streaked and mixed
Neptune – Lavender
Pluto - Multi-coloured

Writer – Rakesh Shastri
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