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Use of Crystal in Different Ways

SMART CARDS There is a tiny built-in minicomputer on a silicon chip in each of these "smart cards". Smart cards are still being developed but some are already in limited use. It is expected that in the near future people will be able to use them to store and update personal information, such as the state of their bank account, as well as to make payments
Crystals at work

CRYSTALS PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART in this age of rapid technological and social change. Although the basic understanding of crystals was developed before the 20th century, it is only in the latter part of this century that crystal technology has become so important. Crystals are now used in control circuits, machines, electronics, communications, industrial tools and medicine. We even sometimes use crystals when shopping in credit cards. From the crystal laboratory has come the silicon chip, ruby laser rods, and the many forms of diamonds for tools. New crystals are continually being developed for specific purposes.

Diamond tools

DRILL BITS Diamond-tipped drill bits are used for drilling all types of rock. They are used for drilling oil wells and in prospecting for metals and minerals. Some bits contain diamonds set in the surface. The diamonds are different shapes for different purposes. Other bits are impregnated with tiny pieces of diamond grit, or abrasive.
Diamonds are used in a vast number of jobs mainly because they are so hard. They are used in sawing, drilling, grinding, and polishing from quarrying stone to delicate eye surgery and come in a large range of sizes, shapes, and strengths. Natural and synthetic diamonds are used, but more than 80 per cent of industrial diamonds are synthetic.

Good vibrations

QUARTZ IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON MINERALS in the Earth`s crust. It is widely distributed as veins and is associated with major mineral deposits. It is one of the chief constituent of granite and is also the main component of sand and sandstones. As quartzite and sandstone, it is used extensively for build and in the manufacture of glass and ceramics.

One of the n interesting properties of quartz crystals is piezoelectricity.' can be used to measure pressure, and quartz crystal oscillators provide fixed, very stable frequency control in radios and t visions. The piezoelectric effect of crystals is also used in gas igniters. When a crystal is "squeezed", an electric charge is produced as a spark which lights the gas. Because of its common crystal perfection, quartz is also used in crystal healing.


ALPINE ARCHITECTURE This "twisted" group of smoky quartz crystals shows some beautiful crystal "architecture". Such crystal groups are often found in the Alps in Europe, where they are known as gwindel.
Piezoelectricity was discovered by the brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880. They discovered that pressure on a quartz crystal causes positive and negative charges to be produced across the crystal. It was later found that an alternating electrical charge placed on a piezoelectric crystal could cause the crystal to vibrate. This is the basis of the use of quartz as oscillator plates to control radio waves, or to keep time.

Crystal healing

The laying on of stones is an ancient art. It is thou that as light reflects off the crystals and stones, the electro-magnetic field of the body the aura, absorb energy. The receiver can then become aware of me and emotional causes of physical disease, and heal.

Writer – Dr.R.F. Symes and Dr.R.R. Harding
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