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Therapeutic use of gems

The negative impact of cosmic rays of each planet affect lives on earth adversely. If some planets are placed at the birth time in horoscope negatively, they produce adverse effect. By wearing gemstones belonging to those planets the malefic rays coming from those planets get filtered and thus their effect is nullified.

We discuss below some important diseases and the gems to cure them:

White PearlIt is a condition of over-acidity resulting from abnormal and excessive production of acid in the body, often accompanied by poor elimination. The most common symptoms of this ailment are rapid breathing, headache, debility and a characteristic sweetish odour to the breath. This condition occurs in advanced diabetes or prolonged diarrhoea, in which the body loses sodium bicarbonate. Patients with severe acidosis may gasp for breath, go into a coma and even die. This is because the carbon dioxide content of the blood regulates the breathing process. When Jupiter is afflicted at birth-chart by Saturn, Ketu or Venus or the Moon at Cancer or Virgo, this disease appears. Jupiter is the main planet as it controls the liver.

Wear Emerald ring in 5 rattis on middle finger and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis on ring finger.

Moon Stone in 6 rattis on small finger may be used as additional gem in acute cases.

.Combination of Rahu and Mars in the ascendant or 2nd house causes frequent accidents and injuries. Saturn on ascendant causes injuries through falls. Mars on the ascendant causes cuts and injuries to the head and bloodshed. Mars afflicting the luminaries by square or opposition is a sure sign of danger of accidents.

Mars or Saturn in the 3rd house causes accidents by rail or road or during short travels and if it is in the 5th house, at pleasure parties. Red Coral or white Pearl has the power to avert accidents.

This is a skin disorder. Eruption of pimples is known as Acne. Seborrhea affects the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and sometimes even eye. Older people are common victims of this disease. It appears when Venus or Ketu is heavily afflicted in Aries, Libra or Capricorn. Use white Coral in 7 to 9 rattis on mahyama along with Lapis Lazuli in 2 rattis on kanistha.

Certain foods which produce excessive heat in the system, produce allergy if taken by those who have Mars in any one of the houses mentioned above. The best remedy for this type of disease is to use cold stones like lime Moonstone, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire and Emerald to make the body cool. The parts of the body in which allergic reactions most often show up are the skin, bronchial tree, nose and digestive system. Common allergic disorders are hives (urticaria), eczema, hay fever, drug rashes, bronchial asthma and headache. Some allergies are apparently hereditary and others are acquired. Even minute quantities of an allergen can set off a violent reaction.
Blue Sapphire  
The way to prevent allergy is to identify the offending allergen and avoid it.

This is commonly associated with the chills and fever sensations produced by malaria. Metallic fumes and poisons also can produce similar symptoms.

Mars is responsible for producing this trouble. Absence of red rays in the body causes this disease. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis on anamika of the right hand or a copper ring, red thread or red cloth around the right hand.

It means stoppage of menstruation or a missed period. This may be due to pregnancy or disease and especially due to hormone imbalance. Excessive fatigue and worry can also cause temporary amenorrhea. It is caused by Saturn as his nature is to obstruct and to contract everything in the body. The nature of Mars is to clear away all bodily filth and waste products, etc. Use Red Coral or copper ring, red cloth or thread on the left hand.

Enlargement of the lymphoid tissue in the throat and back of the nose is a condition known as adenoids. Children often have enlarged adenoids which may block the nasal passageways causing mouth breathing and encouraging colds, sinus infection and ear infections. Mars during transit while passing through Taurus, Scorpio or Libra may cause this disease. It is purely a Mars disease. Use Red Coral in 5 rattis on anamika.

It means a partial or total loss of memory and forgetfulness of past experience. It is attended by an inability to remember words. Morbid changes in brain tissues are usually responsible for this condition. The most common cause is when the Sun is afflicted by Mercury in Aries or when Mercury is afflicted by the Sun in Aries. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis and Emerald n 6 rattis, jointly.

When there is sharp reduction in the number of red corpuseles or of red colouring matter in the blood, the condition is commonly known as anemia. It is usually caused by loss of blood through haemorrhage or due to disease or damage in the bonemarrow. When the Sun is afflicted by Saturn, this condition appears. Also when Rahu or Ketu is in Taurus, Leo or Aquarius, or when Jupiter is afflicted by Mars in Leo, anemia appears. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.

The rupture of a blood-vessel in the brain is commonly known as apoplexy or stroke. It is also known as cerebral haemorrhage or cerebro vascular accident. It is usually marked by unconsciousness followed by paralysis. The Sun illaspected by Jupiter or Rahu in Aries gives rise to apoplexy. The sign Aries is of the head and brain. So any affliction of this sign causes apoplexy. When Jupiter is afflicted by malefics in Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo, this disease manifests itself. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.

It is the swelling or inflammation of the wormshaped appendix, a small finger like projection from the large bowel. It indicates severe pain in the belly. The basic treatment for appendicitis is surgery, i.e. removal of the diseased appendix. Mars is the chief causative planet for appendicitis. Mars, if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu in Virgo or Scorpio, may give rise to this disease. Use Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.

It is caused through inflammation of the joints with severe pain. It is metabolic disease in which the body fails to get rid of uric acid. Astrologically, the planet Saturn is the chief malefic agent in the development of arthritis, especially when he is posited in the 6th house and is illaspected by Mars.

 Yellow Sapphire GemstoneThe 10th house of the zodiac, i.e. Capricorn rules over the knee-joints. Rahu or Saturn here causes deformities and cramps in knees and arthritis. The 9th house of the zodiac, i.e. Sagittarius governs the hips and thighs. Saturn or Rahu causes gout, rheumatism, sciatica, etc. Mercury here causes the same trouble. Use Red Coral in 9 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.

It is a very serious disease. The bronchial tubes are narrowed by spasmodic contractions and they secrete an excess of mucous which makes breathing difficult. The patient wheezes and coughs.

Saturn is the chief planet which causes this trouble. Saturn is responsible for all sorts of chronic and lingering diseases. When Saturn afflicts the 4th house from the ascendant of Leo, the person becomes liable for asthmatic complaints. The Moon in Gemini or Leo at birth-chart gives asthmatic complaints. It is practically an incurable disease. It is a hereditary disease. Mercury also plays an important part here as he governs the brain-nerves. Use Emerald in 6 rattis, Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis. Moonstone in 6 rattis may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.

It is one of the most common complaints. Its causes are very difficult to identify. It is also caused by deep-seated mental stress. Standing or sitting in a peculiar position all day at work is one of the common causes of backache.

Straining the back by sudden twisting, jerking, lifting of heavy weights, etc also may bring about backache. Saturn gives all sorts of pain, sorrow and misery. The sign Libra rules over our back. So any affliction of this sign by any malefics may give rise to this disease. Use Red Coral in 9 rattis and Yellow Sapphire.

It usually refers to loss of hair or absence of hair on the head. It is practically an incurable disease. No hair tonic or treatments can restore hair on the head. Baldness is hereditary. Saturn is the chief planet which controls the growth of hair. It is true that gems also cannot restore hair on the head. It is said that Emerald has the power to give life to hair-roots. Combined use of Blue Sapphire and Emerald may be found to be very useful.

 White Coral Ring
It is a condition of general discomfort, popularly attributed to an excess of bile in the system. It is a kind of liver trouble. Jupiter controls the liver; Mercury governs abdominal nerves. Mars in Cancer causes biliousness. The Moon in Virgo afflicted by Saturn gives this trouble. Use Blue Sapphire and Emerald or Moon Stone and white Coral.
Bladder trouble
The bladder is a collapsible balloon like sac composed of smooth muscle and lined with a smooth membrane. It is the reservoir for urine.

It is situated in the front part of the pelvic cavity. Bladder trouble is usually indicated by difficulties or abnormalities in passing urine. Excessive urine output may be taken as an indication of diabetes. Scantly urination or suppression of urine may cause serious kidney trouble. Painful urination may indicate stones in the bladder, or enlargement of the prostate gland. Too frequent urination may be the result of mental anxiety. Urine should flow easily, regularly and painlessly. In case of any abnormalities, expert medical opinion may be sought. The signs Libra and Scorpio rule over urinary system. Mars in Scorpio afflicted by any malefics may give rise to bladder trouble. Malefics in the 7th or 8th house may also give rise to this disease. Red Coral in 9 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis or white Coral in 9 rattis and Moon Stone should be used.

Bleeding wounds
Any haemorrhage is bleeding. It is caused by cuts, wounds and accidents. Bleeding from anybody opening-mouth, nose, lungs, nipples, anus, ears is a danger signal, and demands prompt medical attention. Mars is responsible for all sorts of bleeding, cuts, wounds and accidents. Use Red Coral.

It may be temporary or permanent. The causes are infections and degenerative diseases of the eye and accidents to the eye. The 2nd and 12th houses from the ascendant govern the right and left eyes, respectively. The Sun controls the right eye and the Moon the left eye. Any affliction to these two planets by Saturn in the 2nd or 12th house may give rise to eye trouble. The signs Taurus and Pisces also rule over the right and left eye, respectively. Although this is practically incurable, still use Ruby and white Pearl.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
A simple boil has a single core and may be no more than a pimple. More serious is a mass of boils, close together and with several cores called a carbuncle. People with diabetes and kidney trouble are especially subject to repeated attacks of boils. Bad blood does not cause them. Boils are more or less painful. Boils should not be indiscriminately pinched or squeezed specially those on the face or in the ear. It is caused by excessive heat in the body. Mars is the chief planet which causes this trouble. Mars during transit when passing through fiery signs may cause this trouble. Use Moonstone in 6 rattis or Lapis Lazuli in 4 rattis.

Bone diseases
Inflammation of the bone is known as osteomyelitis. It commonly affects the hip bone and shin bone. It is a childhood disease. It is usually accompanied by high fever, severe pain, swelling of the limb and delirium. Use Ruby for this.

Brain fever
It is a fever in which the meninges are mainly attacked. It is caused by inflammation of the meningeal membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. The early symptoms include headache, fever, vomiting and delirium. Later symptoms are severe headache, muscle rigidity, stiff neck and arched neck. It is caused by a germ which is transmitted by droplet infection from the nose and throat of patients. The Sun and Mars rule over the head and brain and the sign Aries governs our brain. So the planets Sun and Mars are responsible for this disease. The Moon comes into the picture when vomiting arises. Any affliction to these three planets in Aries or in the evil houses 6, 8, 12th may give rise to meningitis. Jupiter in Aries gives dizziness, swoons and congestion of the brain. Ketu in Leo gives spinal meningitis and thrombosis. Rahu in Aries causes shooting pains in the head, inflammation of the covering and membranes of the brain and paralysis of the facial nerves. Ketu in Aries causes brain troubles and delusions. Saturn in Aries also causes brain disorders and cerebral troubles. Mars in Aries, if heavily afflicted, gives brain-fever, rupture of blood vessels in the brain cerebral congestion and inflammation of the eyes. Mercury in Aries, if heavily afflicted, gives headaches, insomnia and nervous affections of the head and brain. Use Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald, or Emerald, Ruby and Yellow Sapphire.
Ruby Gemstone 
Brain tumours
Brain tumour is the growth of new and unwanted tissue in the brain. The common symptoms are headache, dizziness, uncontrolled vomiting, etc. As the tumour enlarges, it tends to build up pressure inside the skull which causes blindness, insanity, loss of functions of other parts of the body and senses. The sign Aries governs our brain. Mercury plays an important part here as it rules over our brain nerves. Any affliction of Mercury will cause disturbance in the brain. Venus governs the glands and Venus in Aries gives brain-tumours. Mars in Aries, if heavily afflicted, gives brain tumours but when it is in Libra or Scorpio, boils, tumours and abscesses appear in the lower part of the body. Similar is the case with Sun. Rahu in Aries gives shooting pains in the head; Saturn or Ketu in Aries also produces brain troubles. Use Emerald, Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral.

It is a kind of lung disease which is caused by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. It may result from breathing in irritating gases, fumes or dust and from exposure to cold. It generally occurs during the winter months or during a change of season. A thick purulent fluid is often raised from the lungs by coughing.

Sometimes thy coughs may also occur. Young children run the greatest risk of bronchitis. Acute bronchitis usually begins with frequent bouts of coughing, more severe at night that brings in chest pains. Other symptoms are fever and difficult breathing. It is purely a Mars disease. Mars or the Sun during transit or gochara movement when coming into Gemini, Leo or Aquarius, if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu, causes bronchitis. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis on anamika or tarjani. Side by side, medicines should be taken as gems are used only as a second line of defence against any disease.

It may result from the application of too much heat or fire to the skin. Scalds are caused by hot liquids or vapours. Any extensive burns covering a large area are serious. Shock and infection dangerously accompany large or deep burns. Mars is the chief planet for causing all sorts of wounds, cuts and accidents, when heavily afflicted by Saturn or Rahu in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th houses. The combination of Mars and Rahu in the 3rd house causes burns or accidents while travelling, in the 5th house in cinema or pleasure parties, in the 4th at home, and in the 9th while proceeding on a long journey. Wearing of Red Coral in 9 rattis helps quick healing. Red cloth or a red thread may also be used for speedy recovery.

Actually cancer is characterized by the abnormal, uncontrolled and lawless growth of body cells.

There are many planetary combinations which cause cancer in the human body. If the moon is afflicted by the three malefics in any sign, the native may be attacked with cancer. if evil relationship exists between Jupiter and Saturn in a birth-chart, the native may have an attack of cancer. Conjunction of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter in any sign may develop cancer. -"Conjunction of Jupiter, Ketu and Venus in any sign may also. cause cancer. Mars if posited in the 6th and in dual signs may develop cancer. Ketu is called the shadowy planet of chaos and confusion. Ketu gives all sorts of mysterious, complicated and chronic diseases. If Ketu afflicts the Moon along with some other malefics, the native may have cancer. This is the most important affliction. Conjunction o f the moon, Ketu and Saturn, the Moon, Ketu and Mars and the Moon, Rahu and Saturn may also cause cancer.

Saturn controls and rules over these two vital parts of the body. His gem-stone is light Blue Sapphire. This stone, light Blue Sapphire has miraculous and wonderful healing powers. This gem-stone, if worn in madhyama of the right hand, keeps your body in perfectly good condition. But the main difficulty is that this stone is too cold and should not be worn singly. Some precautions should be taken before wearing it. A red thread should be worn around your waist and a copper ring worn in your first finger, and a Red Coral ring in anamika or third finger, light Blue Sapphire 4 rattis and Red Coral 8 rattis in summer months and light Blue Sapphire rattis and Red Coral 6 rattis in winter months.

This is the clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye or its capsule. Light then fails to reach the retina in sufficient quantity to stimulate vision. It causes diminished vision. The victim cannot see objects properly.

Older people are the main victims of this disease. Surgical operation is the only treatment. When it is ripe for operation, the crystalline lens can be safely removed. The operation is swift, painless and almost always successful. With the opacity gone, usual vision is restored by wearing thick lenses in front of the eye.

The 2nd and 12th signs of the Zodiac rule over the right and left eyes, respectively. The second sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and the 12th sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Therefore, the Venus or Jupiter if posited in the evil houses 6, 8, 12th along with the lagna lord may cause cataract. It is said that the Sun governs the right eye and the moon the left eye. So when these two planets are afflicted in the 2nd or 12th house from he ascendant it may give cataract. Mercury governs the sight. Mercury, if afflicted in the 2nd or 12th house, may produce this trouble. It is said that Emerald has the power to improve eyesight and white Pearl has the power to restore eyesight. Ruby is the most powerful gem for all sorts of eye troubles, but it can be used only during the attack. Its constant use is not desirable as it is too hot. It is desirable to use Red Coral in place of Ruby.

Cerebral haemorrhage
It refers to bleeding in the brain, resulting in a stroke or apoplexy. Apoplexy is a stroke resulting from a damaged blood-vessel in the brain and marked by unconsciousness, usually followed by paralysis.

 Emerald Gem
Bleeding is generally caused by breaking a blood-vessel in the brain. High blood pressure may usually evoke cerebral haemorrhage. The sign Aries governs the brain. Any affliction of this sign by any malefics may cause this trouble. The chief planets are Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun. Red Coral, Emerald and Moonstone may be helpful.

It is a common childhood disease caused by a specific virus. It is usually a mild discomfort and a skin eruption. Little raised pimples come out on the skin. Some of these turn into small blisters which break in a few hours, leaving a dry crust. This disease lasts only about a week. It is certainly a contagious disease. It is said that one attack confers immunity to the body. Mars is the chief planet which causes this trouble. Use Red Coral, red cloth, a red thread or a copper ring.

It is an acute, communicable disease, caused by the comma-shaped cholera vibrio. In mild cases, diarrhoea may be the chief and only symptom. In acute cases, extreme diarrhoea (rice-water stools) is accompanied by great dehydration with thirst, vomiting, pain and cramps in the abdomen, prostration and unconsciousness. When Mars comes into Cancer, one suffers from stomach troubles. Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. Mars in Virgo also causes cholera. Jupiter in Virgo gives serious liver troubles. Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. Mars in Virgo also causes cholera. Kpiter in Virgo gives serious liver troubles. The signs Cancer and Virgo govern out stomach. Any affliction of these two signs will upset the stomach. The 5th house in a birth-chart governs our stomach. Any affliction of this house will give rise to stomach disorders. Use Emerald in 6 rattis and Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone.

Cirrhosis of the liver
Liver is the largest glad in the body. The liver weighs from 3 to 4 pounds and is situated in the right part of the abdomen. It acts as a factory, warehouse and detoxifying station. It manufactures and secretes bile which is essential to the process of digesting food. Cirrhosis of the liver is also called hardening of the liver.
In cirrhosis of the liver, the normal functioning of cells is replaced by harder, fibrous tissue. The liver increases in size due to an accumulation of water in it and occupies a greater part of the abdomen, giving it a protruded appearance.

The 5th house in a horoscope governs our stomach but the 6th house of the zodiac, i.e. Virgo rules over the liver. The lord of the 6th house is Mercury which is chiefly responsible for this trouble. If Mercury or Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn or Ketu in Cancer or Virgo, the native suffers from this trouble. Conjunction of Ketu and Saturn, Ketu and the Sun in the 5th house gives rise to this trouble. Use Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Moonstone in 6 rattis may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.

Common cold
It is certainly the most common infection that affects almost everyone at one time or the other. The cold has several medical names, viz., corya, catarrh, upper respiratory infection, rhinitis and nasopharyngitis. It is caused by the Moon and Saturn. Climatic changes are also responsible for this trouble. Use only Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis. Use also red cloth, red thread, and copper ring.

Pink eye is the symptom of conjunctivitis along with irritation and pain. It is highly communicable and contagious. Excess of red rays in the body causes this trouble. It is caused by the planets Sun and Mars. The Sun or Mars in Taurus or Pisces may cause this trouble. Excessive heat in the body may give rise to conjunctivitis. Use Moonstone in 6 rattis. Constipation It is the inability to have a bowel movement. It is a symptom and not a disease. It causes weariness, headache, vomiting, etc. However, accumulation of waste products in the lower reaches of the bowel will cause self-poisoning. Saturn is responsible for all obstructions and contractions in the body. It obstructs free bowel movements when in affliction. But Mars removes all waste-products and cleans it by driving away from the body. Mars also causes frequent bowel movements (diarrhoea). Saturn in Cancer and Virgo in the 6th house causes serious constipation. Use Red Coral, red cloth, red thread or a copper ring. This will provide appropriate relief.

Diabetes is perhaps the pleasantest of all chronic diseases. It is not painful, disfiguring, depressing, or contagious. People still die of diabetes, but it is no longer considered a dreadful or fatal disease.

Two or three malefic planets if posited in watery signs, i.e. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces usually cause diabetes. This is the chief planetary affliction which is solely and chiefly responsible for causing diabetes. The sixth house from the ascendant controls the kidneys. Two or three malefics in the 6th house may develop diabetes.

Libra has a good control over kidneys. Two or three malefics here may encourage diabetes. Libra is the 7th house of the zodiac. It controls the urinary system. So if two or three malefics are posited in Libra or in the 7th house, the native may be attacked by diabetes. The Moon and Venus are watery planets. If they are afflicted by fiery planets like Mars or the Sun in watery signs, the native may be attacked with diabetes. If the 6th lord is posited in the 8th or the 8th lord in the 6th, the native may develop diabetes. Moonga should be adorned in the middle finger.

It is one of the common diseases that give us trouble very often. In summer .months, everyone suffers from diarrhoea. Usual symptoms of this disease are loose bowels or frequent bowel movements along with stomach-ache. The causes are numerous, such as over-eating, food poisoning, emotional stress, absence of any physical activity, change of weather and eating stale food. When Mars comes in Cancer or Virgo during gochara movement, everyone suffers from diarrhoea. Malefics in Cancer or Virgo may give rise to this trouble. The 4th and 6th house of the zodiac governs our stomach. So any affliction of these two houses will produce stomach troubles. Use Emerald and Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone.

Digestive disorders
The digestive system consists of a long tube about 24 to 36 feet long, winding through the body from the mouth to the anus. Any disorder of this system will result in diarrhoea, dysentery, etc. The Sun governs the gastric glands which secrete digestive juices and in the absence of clear rays of the Sun, our digestion suffers. The Sun is the chief planet for digestion, and its rays are essential for proper and good digestion. During the rainy season, when the sky remains cloudy, digestive disorders invade our body. Use Emerald and Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone.

Diseases of the blood
There are a great many diseases popularly called blood diseases. They are syphilis, anaemia, leukeamia, laeukopenia, etc. Saturn and Mars together in 1st, 6th, 12th houses give rise to this trouble. the Sun in the 7th house from the position of Saturn or Mars causes this trouble. When the lord of the 2nd house is conjoined with Mars, blgpd diseases appear. Mars in 6th, 7th, 10th house from the lord of the 2nd house also gives this trouble. Mars in the 2nd or in the 8th house gives blood disorders. Use Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire, or Moonstone.

Diseases of the feet
Moonstone GemSaturn is the chief planet which causes foot disorders. Common foot troubles are corns, callouses, bunions, blisters, chilblains, ringworm, excessive sweating, etc. The feet are also subject to fracture, dislocations, sprains, bruises and strains, often as a result of athletic injuries. Saturn or Venus in the 6th house may give rise to this trouble. Malefics in Pisces also cause this trouble. Rahu or Ketu in the 1st house and Saturn in the 7th house give this trouble. Malefics in Aquarius and Capricorn cause foot troubles. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis.

Diseases of the nose
The nose is subject to malformation, accident, infection, new growths and other damages. There may be a running nose, the stuffed-up nose, the red nose, the bloody nose, and the mis-happen nose. A running nose is the first sign of the common cold. The stuffed-up nose is an inability to breathe effectively through the nose. A red nose is the result of chronic inflammation of the nostrils, chronic indigestion. Nosebleed (epistaxis) is usually the result of violence. The Moon in the 6th house or Saturn in the 8th house or a combination of Mars, Saturn or Rahu in Taurus may give rise to this trouble. Use Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis.

Inability to withhold the flow of urine is known as dribbling. It is a sign of bladder trouble or kidney trouble. The signs Libra and Scorpio rule over the kidney and bladder. Venus governs kidneys, bladder and generative system. Mars governs the external sex organs. When any one of these two planets are afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, bladder troubles may arise. Use White Coral or Red Coral.
It is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body tissues. It is now associated with the disorders of the heart, blood-vessels or kidneys. Swollen ankles and a swollen abdomen are common symptoms of dropsy. Jupiter afflicted in Cancer or Pisces causes dropsy. Ketu heavily afflicted in Cancer or Pisces gives dropsy. Use Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.

It is a kind of stomach disorder characterized by abdominal pain, belly-ache, diarrhoea, bloody-stools, mucusfilled stools, etc. It is called amebae (amebic dysentery) and bacteria (bacillary dysentery). It denotes irritation of bowels and pain in the stomach with frequent bowel movements. Mercury plays an important role in causing this disease. Mars when coming into Cancer or Virgo causes this trouble. The 4th and 6th houses of the zodiac rule over our stomach. Any affliction of these two houses by malefics will give rise to this trouble. Use Emerald and Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone.

The most common form of ear-trouble is the accumulation of wax in the ear which causes deafness, earache, ringing in the ear. The planet Saturn governs the ear and Mercury rules over ear nerves. The 3rd and 11th houses of the zodiac, i.e. Gemini and Aquarius govern our right and left ears, respectively. Of the five senses, Saturn governs hearing. When Mercury or Saturn is afflicted in the 3rd or 11th house, the native may suffer from this disease. Mercury in the 6th and Venus in the 10th house cause deafness of right ear. Use Emerald and Red Coral.

It is a non-infectious skin disease characterized by inflammation, itching and scaliness. Its causes are food-allergy, exposure to toxic chemicals and mechanical irritants. Venus governs the skin, and when she is afflicted in Libra, or Capricorn, the native suffers from this trouble. Jupiter in Capricorn may also give rise to eczema. Use White coral and Yellow Sapphire.

Bed wetting is called enuresis. It is the involuntary discharge of urine while sleeping. In children, the condition is due to psychological factors; it is often an unconscious attack against rejection and lack of tender loving care. The permanent cure lies in improving the parent-child relationship. Enuresis in adults results from bladder trouble or damage to the part of the nervous system that controls bladder function. Use Red Coral and Emerald.

Writer – Rakesh Shastri

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