Thursday, 14 February 2013

Process of Stones in Jewelry Making

BROOCH Fred Rich - This is a chased 18-carat gold enamel and amethyst brooch. Cloisonné and Basse taille enamel have been used. The jewelry illustrated on the following pages is pieces that have been made with the color of the stone as their central feature. The metal is used to enhance the stone rather than being allowed to take center stage in its own right.

It is a constant source of amazement that so many different colors and qualities are formed deep within the earth. Whether you use them singly or in groups, it is important to consider the combination very carefully - some jewels look wonderful together while other combinations seem to look dead and unappealing. The examples will show how stunning a simple stone can be when it is used in a sympathetic way either with another stone, a group of stones, with an attractively textured metal, or in an unusual setting. Although some pieces may look as if they have been made from a random selection of materials, the very simplicity belies the care with which the different components have been used together.

Precious stones are not cheap. Always obtain your supplies through a reputable dealer and make the most of them, using each one in a carefully thought-out and executed design.

EARRINGS James Barker - The purple stone used here is a sugilite, along with Mabe pearls in the center of the disks and natural American freshwater pearls for the drops. The omega backings are located at the back, at the point corresponding to the top edge of the pearl.
Among the semi-precious stones popular with jewelry makers are the wonderfully lined moss agate, magical amber, and shimmering, mysterious moonstones. These stones are so reasonably priced that they offer opportunities to experiment with new techniques and designs.

Stones do not have to be precious or even semiprecious. Even everyday stones are so tactile and coolly beautiful when they are cut, set, and polished that they never fail to inspire us to find ways to share their beauty. 

Writer – Jinks McGrath
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