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Influence of planets

Everybody wants to know the progress of his life and his or her future. One way to know it is through Astrology.

In Astrology if Mars is exalted in Capricorn it becomes most powerful. Same is the case if it is in Aries.

Other Gem And StoneMars is the planet of active force, courage and energy. People who are dull, blunt and indolent can be greatly benefited by wearing Red Coral in a gold ring on anamika.

The beneficial rays of Mars also help in the early settlement of marriage of one's daughter. The essential requirement of capturing the magical influence of Mars is to prepare the ring only when Mars will be in Capricorn or in Aries, during gochara movement. Mars acquires considerable strength and power when it is positioned in Capricorn (its exalted sign) and also in Aries.

Its strength and power can be tapped and captured if Red Coral is fitted in gold, copper or silver and worn during the period when it will be in Capricorn or in Aries, and if the ring is worn on Tuesday morning. If the ring is made in this way, it produces a magical charm which can be used for success in examination, early settlement of marriage of one's daughter, and also for getting a new job.

Mercury governs intellect and wisdom in a person. Its gem is Emerald. Mercury is exalted in Virgo. If Emerald is fitted in gold and worn during the time when Mercury is in Virgo it could capture and tap the magical powers of Mercury.

Combined use of Emerald and Red Coral on madhyama and anamika fingers, respectively will work like magic for success in examination and competition.

Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces and it also becomes powerful when it is in Taurus. Taurus and Pisces are the favourite signs of Venus. She acquires considerable strength and power when posited in these two signs. Her magical influence can be captured and tapped if her gem, the diamond, is fitted in a platinum ring during that time. Venus is the planet of pleasures. So its gem, diamond, is essential for gaining earthly pleasures in life.

Jupiter is the planet of success. The beneficial rays of Jupiter are also necessary for acquiring earthly pleasures in life. Its gem is Yellow Sapphire and its metal is tin or gold. The essential requirement is that Yellow Sapphire is to be fitted in a gold ring only during the time when Jupiter will be posited in Cancer. The ring then captures the magical powers of Jupiter. Combined use of diamond and Yellow Sapphire on madhyama and anamkika, respectively will work like magic.

Cat's Eye has the power to give life to a closed or dead business. Cat's Eye is the gem for Ketu who is exalted in Sagittarius. If the gem is fitted in a steel or gold ring during the time when Ketu will be in Sagittarius, it will capture and tap the magical powers of Ketu. Ketu is supposed to acquire considerable strength and power when it comes in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of success and its gem is Yellow Sapphire. Its beneficial rays are also essential for getting success in business.

The Moon is called the mother of all human beings on earth. A mother naturally protects her child in every respect.

Moon Stone is the gem of the Moon and this is called the life-saver and life-giver.

The Moon governs the first seven years of a man's life. If your child wears a Moon Stone, he will be free from all diseases. But during winter months, the Moon Stone should be removed and Red Coral used. The Moon is exalted in Taurus.

If white pearl or Moon Stone is fitted into a silver ring during the time when the Moon will be in Taurus, it can capture and tap the magical powers of the Moon most effectively. If you wear a white pearl fitted in silver when the Moon is well aspect by Jupiter (the planet of success), you will be happy, cheerful and honoured by others; it will lead to safe journeys; wealth will increase and health will be good.

Colorles ZirconSome astrologers hold the view that man can master planetary forces by concentrating on their characteristic symbols. The influence of a planet can be magically captured through the use of things which are directly linked with a planet. For example, by using Red Coral, red cloth, red thread and number 9, you can tap the magical forces of Mars. Rays of Mars are essential to gain success in examination, for curing high fevers and also for early marriage in life.

By using black cloth, black thread, black pearl and number 8, one can tap the magical influence of Saturn. Beneficial rays of Saturn are essential for higher studies and research work as Saturn gives perfection and sophistication in every field of work. Without its blessing, higher studies would not be possible. Its gem is Blue Sapphire and this is required to be fitted in lead or silver and worn during the time when Saturn will be at Libra (its exalted sign). It will then be possible to capture the magical powers of Saturn most effectively.

The other way for attracting planetary influences in an effective way is to wear the gem on the day and in the hour of the appropriate planet.

Sunday is ruled by Sun, Monday by Moon, Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter, Friday by Venus and Saturday by Saturn.

The planet which rules the day has its sway only in the first hour after sun rise and the succeeding hours of day are ruled by the other planets in the following order:
(1) Sun,
(2) Venus,
(3) Mercury,
(4) Moon,
(5) Saturn,
(6) Jupiter and
(7) Mars.

It is said that good and evil forces are embedded in the womb of time. There is a good time to sow and a good time to reap. This is the main point for consideration. Otherwise evil influences will mar or destroy all your projects. The Moon thus plays a vital role in fixing auspicious times and her transits on auspicious places. As the Moon governs the mind and mental structure, her transits to malefic houses and over malefic planets will naturally disturb one's mind and thus affect projects. A waning Moon is unfavorable for starting any good project. Avoid doing any good work when the Moon is almost obscure. Nothing should be attempted when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, as that position causes all projects to fail. But black magicians or sorcerers prefer to perform their activities only when the Moon is on the wane. Waning Moon favors their activities as they always try to do evil. A waxing Moon is always favorable for doing any good work.

Some astrologers opine that planetary spirits can be summoned or planetary influences can be attracted by the use of 'images' which are real or mentally created to express the planet's nature. The most popular image of the Sun is drawn by a highly spirited man driving a chariot drawn by seven horses. These seven horses represent the seven prime colours of the solar spectrum, i.e. VIBGYOR. The image of the Moon is depicted by a fine young man driving a chariot drawn by five horses. These five horses represent our five senses. Though the Moon is called the queen of the universe, no picture of her in the capacity of the queen of the universe is available from our ancient scripts. The image of Mercury is depicted by a spirited young man with four hands sitting on the back of a lion and so on. It is said that by concentrating one's attention on the popular images of the planets, one can capture and tap the magical influences of the planets in removing suffering. This can be done also by meditating on the images of the planets.

No auspicious work should be undertaken when Mars is in the 8th house or Venus in the 6th as these positions are highly injurious. This is especially effective in case of fixing marriage time. Mars and Rahu are too evil when in 2nd, 8th and 9th houses from the Moon sign during gochara movement. So no auspicious work should be undertaken during that period.

People sometimes become ill or depressed due to overwork and this is because of the fact that 'thought and study' belong to Saturn who rules the melancholy temperament and is antagonistic to the vital forces of life and youth. Overworked students, patients and elderly people whose vital forces are on the wane should try to lure powerful influences from the favorable planets Jupiter, Venus and Mars. This can be done by wearing gems for them.

To gain health and happiness, for instance, an image of Venus-a picture of a beautiful young girl dressed in white or yellow and holding flowers and apples may be kept in one's bedroom. You can bring down her magical influence even by meditating on it every morning. But the best way to get planetary blessings is to meditate on the image of goddess Durga (Mahamaya) and to offer prayers to her. Prayer is the greatest power available to the individual in solving his/her personal problems. A sincere prayer is unfailing in its effects.

It is said that actual power is generated by prayer. Prayer is the mightiest power in the world.

There are some important points which are worth noting with regard to the position of planets in different houses at one's birth-chart.

There will be brisk activity in the affairs of the house occupied by Mars (the planet of activity) and probably there will be disagreements, disputes and loss through them. If Mars is posited in the 2nd house, the native may earn sufficient money, but at the same time he may also have to incur heavy losses.

If Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is in the first house, you may put on weight in the years ahead and if Saturn is in the 6th house (sources of gain) people who owe you money will be reluctant to pay up.

There will be minor changes in the affairs of the house occupied by the Moon, because the Moon rules over petty fluctuations. Suppose she is in the 4th house, native may not change his residence too frequently and moreover there is every possibility that he may acquire a new house of his own.

Good aspects to the Moon the ruler of women will improve your relations with women. Adverse aspects to Mercury in your horoscope may cause you to be absentminded, make clerical mistakes, give people the wrong change or say the wrong things.

A planet is said to possess maximum power when it comes in the ascendant or 10th house during transit. In order to attract and summon greater magical influence of the planets, rings should be made during that time.

The Sun
Other Gem And StoneSun is the parent of the solar system. So it represents the father. The Sun and Moon are considered sovereigns. The Sun is signifies for royalty or high position in any administration. It stands as a symbol of spirit.

The Sun is constructive and creative. It offers us the power of resistance and vitality and governs the inspiration and expiration, i.e. the breath of life. The Sun gives the force and selfwill and makes one determined and decisive.

The sun rules the heart. It also represents the right eye in men and left eye in women. The mouth, spleen, throat and brain are also indicated by the Sun. According to Astrology, affliction of the Sun by malefic planets causes low or high blood pressure, haemorrhage, and cardiac thrombosis. The constitution will be overheated and bilious. The Sun also denotes cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, loss of speech, sharp fevers, typhoid, polypus, bile complaints, epilepsy, sun-stroke, scorches and diseases in the head. The Sun gives activity and authority, cheerful outlook, good fortune, ambition to achieve great heights, optimism, brilliance, sterling qualities and character and success in worldly affairs.

When the Sun is afflicted the native is likely to suffer from diseases mentioned above and there will be deficiency in other good significations of the Sun.

Ruby is the stone of the Sun and wearing of a Ruby will protect the native from the harmful effects of Sun's afflictions. But one thing must be carefully kept in mind that persons belonging to Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces ascendants should not wear a Ruby or any of its substitutes as the Sun would be lord of the lords of inauspicious houses, viz., the 12th, the 8th and the 6th respectively. If the Sun is in his own sign in any of these houses then the natives of these ascendants can, however, wear the Sun's stone if absolutely necessary.

The Moon
According to ancient saints the Moon represents mind and the mother. The Moon is nocturnal, changeable, cold, moist, and receptive. The Moon governs over impregnation, conception, birth of child, the animal instinct, the union and the embryo. It also rules the infant stage of a person and has powerful influence on lives. Afflicted Moon at the time of birth causes ailments frequently and does not allow for proper growth. Stomach will be upset and frequent vomiting reduces vitality.

Diseases given by an afflicted Moon are eye diseases, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, beriberi, cold, cough, colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritonia, throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, complications due to excess of drinks, dyspepsia, dysentery, nervous debility, cancer and typhoid. It also causes cold and fever, indecision, lack of mental balance, a desire to lie and spread false rumours and suffering from anxiety. If Mars afflicts the Moon, the native becomes impulsive, rash and reckless. He also becomes of a loose moral character. Affliction by Saturn causes depression, despondency, pessimism and lack of concentration.

White Pearl is the gemstone to be used for protection from the consequences of the affliction of the Moon or its ill placement and weakness in a birth chart, Pearl is every useful for mental and lung disorders.

Mars has much to do with one's ambition and desires. An unaffected Mars bestows one with quick mental activity and extraordinary muscular strength, great organizing ability, power for practical execution, independent spirit, force of character, strong determination, ambition to come out successful in the material field and leadership in all pursuits. If Mars is afflicted the native becomes reckless, lavish, extravagant, criminal, thief, pervert in sexual life and fanatic in religion or philosophy.

Diseases from which one suffers on account of Mars becoming evil by lordship, occupation or by affliction by a malefic, may be acute fevers, plague, small pox, chicken pox, measles, inflammatory complaints, burns, rapture of capillaries, fistula, wounds, cuts, brain fever, haemorrhage, typhoid, ulcer in intestines, hernia, erysipelas, malaria, abortions, bleeding, boils, carbuncles, appendicitis, muscular rheumatism, septic poisoning, tetanus, etc.

Red Coral is the gem stone to be used to enhance the good characteristics and qualities of Mars in the native and to protect him from the evil consequences from the afflicted Mars.

But the gem stone for Mars (or any planet) should not be used when it is the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house and does not own simultaneously an angular (central) or triangular (triton) house or is in his own sign in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house This principle will apply for use of gemstones for all planets and should be carefully kept in mind.

Mercury is a variable, convertible, vacillating and dualistic planet. Mercury rules over the solar plexus and the central nervous system. He gives the native intelligence, capacity to analyze, retentive power and reproductive ability. He gives curiosity to master occult sciences, but he is not steady enough to complete a project. Mercury, when afflicted, makes the person phrenetic. Also, afflicted Mercury makes the native a cheat, liar and gambler. Afflicted Mercury becomes the cause of the following diseases: vertigo, lethargy, giddiness in the head, madness, brain troubles, tuberculosis, stammering, defects of memory, dry coughs, abundance of spittle, gout of hand and feet, leprosy, cancer, diseases of stomach and skin, etc. The native will become perverted, eccentric, unprincipled, inconstant and boastful. Mercury in dignity makes the native proficient in mathematics, engineering, accounts, correspondence, etc. If he will take up things seriously, he will achieve success in all his enterprises.
The gemstone to neutralize the evil effects of Mercury and to enhance good qualities is Emerald.

Jupiter is the signification of children, wealth, government or king's favors and the grace of God (Dhanakaraka, Santanakaraka, Rajya-kripakaraka and Deva-kripakaraka). Jupiter is also signification of husband in a woman's horoscope.

If Jupiter is a functional as well as a natural benefic in a birth chart, is dignified, is without any affliction and occupies the first, fifth or the ninth house or a Kendra, the life of native will be full of happiness and he will be blessed with children, wealth, name, fame, success and honour.

Jupiter is a fiery, noble, benevolent, fruitful, jovial, buoyant, optimistic, expansive, positive and dignified planet.

The higher attributes of the mind and the uplift of soul are governed by Jupiter.

Jupiter rules over liver, tumours, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in the body.

If Jupiter is afflicted, the native will not be a moderate but an extremist. He will be overgenerous, extravagant and even lavish.

Over-optimism, false hopes, carelessness, debts, dispute, failure in speculation, gambling and pressure from creditors, worry through children, childlessness, vanity, default and infamy, gluttony and unusual girth, are also the results of an afflicted and badly placed Jupiter.

The diseases that may be caused by afflicted are liver complaints, dropsy, jaundice, flatulence, dyspepsia, abcess, disorders of pancreas, skin troubles, cerebral congestion, catarrh and carbuncles.

The gem stone to be used to protect from the ill effects of an afflicted and inauspiciously placed Jupiter and to enhance the beneficial influences of a well placed Jupiter in the birth chart is Yellow Sapphire.

According to Indian astrology Venus governs the gentle and refined attributes. Strong Venus in a chart is a testimony that native will have attraction to the other sex early in his life. Venus can bestow on one all comforts enabling one to lead a pleasant life in this world. Venus is signification for wife and conjugal life in a man's horoscope.

If Venus is afflicted the marriage may be delayed or the married life may be disturbed.

Venus governs eyes, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks, kidneys, etc. Venus is also, after Jupiter, a wealth-giving planet. As already stated above, a dignified and unafflicted Venus brings wealth and all kinds of comforts to the native.

The diseases caused by an afflicted and inauspiciously placed Venus are: diseases of ovaries, that of the eyes, irregularity in the catamenia, mucous diseases, Bright's disease, cysts, swelling, gout, anemia, and other complications due to over-indulgence in sex, amusements, drinking, eating and venereal diseases.

The gemstone to be used to neutralize its evil effects of an afflicted and inauspiciously placed Venus in a birth chart is Diamond.

Saturn is a barren, dry, binding, cold, constant, defensive, hard, nervous and secretive planet.

Other Gem And Stone
Saturn can cause delay, it can deny, it will disappoint. Disharmony, dispute, difficulty, despondency, dejection and differences are the outcomes of an evil Saturn.

Plodding, persevering, patiently working, prudence, frugality, economy, saving, endurance, industry, thrift, power to keep secrets, stability, self control, sense of duty, etc. are attributed to a beneficial Saturn. Lazy, lethargic, idle persons are born under the influence of a malefic Saturn.

Diseases caused by Saturn are impediments of the troubles of the teeth, right ear, fevers and pains caused by cold, leprosy, consumption, black jaundice, gout, deafness, insanity, stammering, dumbness, colic, paralysis, depression, diseases caused by anxiety. The gemstone for Saturn is Blue Sapphire.

Rahu causes cholera, rheumatism, dysentry, nasty diseases of mind and body and causes a tendency to commit suicide. Gomedh is the gem stone for Rahu; it can prevents its evil effects.

Ketu causes diseases of the skin, pimples, colic pains, dropsy, abscesses, paralysis, ring worm, small pox and accidents.

Persons who have no birth charts or birth date can select gemstones for themselves on the basis of significations of the planets and thus they can save themselves from the evil effects of these planets. The gem stone for Ketu is Cat's Eye.

Moon's position
If Moon is afflicted by Saturn or Rahu in a birth-chart, life becomes hell.

The constellation in which the Moon is posited at your birth-chart is known as your birth-star. This birth-star plays an important role in shaping your fate and destiny. The birth-star gives diseases according to its nature. Everyone will not suffer from the same diseases. It varies according to one's birth-star. One may be very prone to stomach troubles and the other to heart troubles. Nature of diseases, one will be liable to suffer, can be easily determined from his birth-star. It is possible for you to identify the diseases you are liable to suffer all through your life from the nature of your birth-star. The number given just below the Moon in your birth-chart is the number of your birth-star. There are 27 such stars. They are;

Ashwini, Swati, Bharani, Vishakam, Kartikai, Anuradha,  Rohini, Jestha, Mrigasira, Moolam,  Adra, Poorvashada, Punarvasu, Uttarhada, Pushyam, Sravana, Aslesha, Dhanistha, Makam, Satavisha, Poorvaphalgun, Poorvabhadrapada, Uttarpha 'gun, Uttarbhadrapada, Hastam, Rebathi, Chitra

 The nature of the Moon is such that she will protect you all through life if you strengthen her hands by wearing gems for her. That is why the Moon Stone is called a life-saver and life-giver. It is said that the Moon governs the first seven years of a man's life. This means that the Moon controls all children and her strong influence during childhood can be easily felt. The Moon, if heavily afflicted by Saturn or Rahu in the 6th or 8th house, may cause the death of the child. If one is born during the eclipse of the Moon, there is hardly any chance for his survival.

According to Indian Astrology each planet governs three stars:









Kartikai-3, Uttarsnada-2I, Uttar-phaiguni-12.

Rohini-4, Hastam-13, Srabana-22,

Mrigasira-5, Chitra-14, Dhanistha-23.

Aslesha-9, Jestha-18, Rebathi-27.

Punarvasu-7, Vishakam-16, Purvabhadrapada-25.

Bharani-2, Purvaphalguni-11, Purvashada-20.

Pushyam-8, Anuradha-17, Uttarbhadrrapada-26.

Adra-6, Swati-15, Satavisha-24.

Magham- I 0, Moolam-19, Ashwini-I.

It is said by our ancient saints that if one strengthens the arms of the ruling planet of birth-star, one will be free from all diseases and will possess sound health and happiness in life. The best way to strengthen its arms is to wear gems for the ruling planet of your birth-star. This is considcked best for gaining health and happiness in life.

Usually three stars occupy each sign of the zodiac:











Aswini-1, Bharani-2, Kartikai-3.

Kartikai-3, Rohini-4, Mrigasira-5.

Mrigasira-5, Adra-6, Punarvasu-7.

Punarvasu-7, Pushyam-8, Aslesha-9

Magham-10, Purbaphalguni-11, Uttarphalguni-12.

Uttarphalguni-12, Hastam-13, Chitra-14.

Chitra-14, Swati-15, Vishakam-16.

Vishakam-16, Anuradha-17, Jestha-18.

Moolam-19, Purvashada-20, Uttarshada-21.

Uttarshada-21, Sravana-22,' Dhanistha-23.

Dhanistha-23, Sathavishai24, Poorvabhadrapada-25.

Poorvabhadrapada-25, Uttarbhadrapada-26, Revathi-27.

The birth-star, therefore, plays an important part in one's life. From it, it can be ascertained in which position of planet one was born.

The periods of dasas are as follows:








6 yrs;

10 yrs;

7 yrs;

17 yrs;

16 yrs;

20 yrs;

19 yrs;

18 yrs;

7 yrs;

Nature of stars
Yellow Grossular Garnet(1) Ashwini (Ruler-Ketu) Aries-0' to 13-12'. Diseases to be suffered all through life: Injury in the head, confusion in the brain, dizziness, thrombosis, nose-bleeding, fainting, epilepsy, neuralgia, insomnia, meningitis, intestinal and stomach troubles.

First son will be sickly or even may die, avaricious, extravagant, dispute with brothers, fond of ornaments, two wives, service in factory of government departments.

(2) Bharani (Ruler-Venus) Aries-13-20' to 25-40'. Brain-troubles, headache, meningitis, insomnia, high fevers
Aspiring, amorous, fond of sports, amusements, show, display, judge, lawyer

(3) Kartikai (Ruler-Sun) Aries-24-40' to 30' Taurus-0' to 10'.
Fevers, meningitis, throat-troubles, nose-bleeding, quinsey, gout, pimples, brain-troubles
Good and robust health, energetic, argumentative ability, popular and prosperous, attraction to others' wives, loss of 3rd child

(4) Rohini (Ruler-Moon) Taurus-10'J° 23-20'. Sore-throat, cough and cold, eye-troubles, ailments of legs and feet, apoplexy, menstrual trouble
 Good nature, pleasant manners, fond of music, art and literature, enjoys the company of opposite sex, sweet-tongued, flamboyant, many sons

(5) Mrigasira (Ruler-Mars) Taurus-23-20' to 30' and Gemini-0' to 6-40'.
Throat-troubles, fevers, adenoids, nose-bleeding, goitre, polypus, arms fracture, disorders of secret parts, gout.
Unhappy conjugal life, quick-Witted, fluent, danger of accident, magnetic, industrious and wealthy

(6) Adra (Ruler-Rahu) Gemini-6-40' to 20'.
Throat troubles, mumps, ear-troubles, red eyes, urinary troubles, gout.
Active, fond of company of others' wives, sweet tongued danger of accidents.

(7) Punarvasu (Ruler-Jupiter) Gemini-20' to 30'. Cancer 0' to 3-2'
Bronchitis, dropsy, stomach-troubles, dyspepsia, lung-troubles, headache, pains in the body and eye troubles.
Sharp intellect, honest, good memory, sincere, reliable devagana, fond of business, afraid of girls

(8) Pushyam (Ruler-Saturn) Cancer-3-20' to 16-40'
Consumption, gastric ulcer, respiratory troubles, gall-stones, obstruction in the bowels, eczema, jaundice, pyorrhea
Prudent, sober, economical, careful, attentive, troubles through children

(9) Aslesha (Ruler-Mercury) Cancer-16-40' to 30'. Stomach diseases of legs and knees, hysteria, dropsy, jaundice, neurosis
Harsh speech, versatile, witty, can imitate others, rakhasgana, finding fault with others, jealous, clever

(10) Makam (Ruler-Ketu) Leo-0' to 13-20'. Heart troubles, gravel in kidneys, backache, fainting, spinal meningitis.
Defensive, forceful, proud, unhappy conjugal life

(11) Poorvaphalguni (Ruler-Venus) Leo-13-20' to 26.
Heart troubles, diseases of legs and ankles, blood7pressure, gout, sciatica, operation, lumbago.
Generous, cautious, honest, fond of sweets, over-sexy, fond of company of others' wives, fond of eating

(12) Uttarphalguni (Ruler-Sun) Virgo-0' to 10'.
Intestinal and bowel disorders, sore-throat, gout.
First child-daughter, tactful, mother long-lived separation from children in old age, more than one wife, loss of money through women.

(13) Hastam (Ruler-Moon) Virgo-10' to 23-20'
Stomach troubles, Vit-B deficiency, eye-troubles, gout, worms, dysentery, neuralgia, jaundice, skin-troubles.
Loss of third child, astrologer, magician, industrious, prudent, thievish.

(14) Chitra (Ruler-Mars) Virgo-23-20' to 30'.
Bowel disorders, fevers, worms, wounds from animals, skin troubles.
Bold and courageous, troubles through first son, quarrelsome.

(15) Swati (Ruler-Rahu) Libra-6-40' to 20'.
Urinary troubles, eczema, skin troubles, leprosy, tooth-ache.
Loose temper, extravagant, fond of luxuries, troubles through children, clever in speech.

(16) Visakam (Ruler-Jupiter) Libra-20' to 30'.
Skin eruption, renal abscess, diabetes, kidney trouble, headache, fevers.
Ungrateful, talented, faith in God, broad-minded, short-tempered, troubles in getting higher education, loss of first wife.

(17) Anuradha (Ruler-Saturn) Scorpio-3-20' to 16-44'.
Menstrual troubles with severe pain and poor bleeding, constipation, piles, nasal-catarrh, sore throat, hip-bone fracture, stomach troubles.
Fond of travel, grave, cruel, vindictive, dishonest, troubles through children.

(18) Jyestha (Ruler-Mercury) Scorpio-16-40' to 30'.
Bleeding piles, Leucorrhoea, fistula, bowel disorders, pain in arms and shoulders.
Bold, ingenius, witty, poisonous tongue, will not have many friends, energetic.

(19) Moolam (Ruler-Ketu) Sagittarius-0' to 13-20'.
Rheumatism sciatica, lumbago, hip diseases, pulmonary troubles.
Noble, honest and God-fearing.

(20) Poorvashada (Ruler-Venus) Sagittarius-13-20' to 26-40'.
Diabetes, sciatica, gout, lung-disorders, lumbago, hip-knee disorders.
Over-liberal and broad-minded, optimistic.

(21) Uttarshada (Ruler-Sun) Sagittarius-26-40' to 30'.
Eye-troubles, disorders of limbs, consumption, gout, toothache.
Religious-minded, few sons, many daughters, fond of travel, cheerful.

(22) Sravana (Ruler-Moon) Capricorn-10' to 23-20'.
Skin troubles, gout, stomach troubles, heart troubles, consumption.
Fond of astrology, God-fearing, sweet-natured.

(23) Dhanistha (Ruler-Mars) Capricorn-23-20' to 30' Aquarius-0' to 6-40'.
Diseases of leg-bones, cough and cold, heart troubles, fainting, respiratory diseases, indigestion.
Quarrelsome, short-tempered, sincere, important, unhappy conjugal life, sexually weak, separation from wife.

Other Gem And Stone(24) Satabhisha (Ruler-Rahu) Aquarius-6-40' to 20'.
Heart-trouble, gout, arthritis, high-blood pressure, fracture of hip bones, palpitation, eye-troubles.
Lazy, fond of leisure, cruel, angry, sickly wife, troubles in old age.

(25) Poorvabhadrapada (Ruler-Jupiter) Aquarius-20' to 30' Pisces 0, 3-20'.
Diseases of private parts, eye-troubles, small-pox, heart troubles, low blood pressure, dropsy.
Short-tempered, honest and sincere.

(26) Uttarbhadrapada (Ruler-Saturn) Pisces-3-20' to 16-40'.
Toothache, fevers, small-pox, rheumatism, stomach disorders, consumption, dropsy.
Troubles through children, sickly wife, desire to help the poor and invalid.

(27) Rehathi (Ruler-Mercury) Pisces-16-40' to 30'.
Stomach disorders, gout, cramps, deafness, ear-diseases, dysentery, tooth-troubles, feet-disorders.
Clever, licentious, religious.

Evil houses
The house 6th, 8th, 12th are called evil houses or dusthanas.
Planets posited therein are weakened and lose their power and strength considerably.
Venus in the 6th and 8th becomes too weak and makes the native also feeble and weak. If the native does not wear white coral he can't proceed.
The Moon in the 6th and 8th becomes dangerously evil. If you do not wear white pearl, you can't move.
Mercury also becomes too weak when posited in 6th, 8th, 12th house and requires to be strengthened.
Similarly, Mars and Rahu in 2nd, 8th, 9th houses cause too many troubles in life. The Sun or Ketu in 5th, 7th, 8th houses causes anxiety. Benefices in the 3rd and 6th also give tremendous trouble.
To seek protection from such evil results one has to wear gems to acquire sound health and happiness in life.

Writer – Rakesh Shastri

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