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First Letter of names and gems recommended

First letters

Lords of signs
Gems indicated
choo, cite, cho, la, lee, la, loo, ley, low, aa

ee, oo, ey, o, vaa, vee, voo, vey, vo

kaa, kee, koo, ghau, ddau, chhau, ke, ko, haa

haa, boo, hey, ho, ddaa, ddee, ddoo, ddey, ddo

maa, mee, moo, mey, mo, ttaa, ttee, ttoo, ttey,

tta, paa, pee, po, poo, pey, shshau, nnhau, tthau,

raa, ree, too, rey, ro, thaa,
thee, thoo, tey

tho, naa, nee, noo, ney, no, yaa, yee, yuo

yey, yo, bhaa, bhee, bhoo,
 dhau, phaa, ddaa, bhey

bho, jaa, jee, khee, kiloo, khey, kho, gaa, gee

goo, gey, go, saa, see, loo, Icy, low, aa

dhee, dhoo, thaw, jhaw, bhaw, dhey, chaa, chee



















Yellow  Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

More often than not, we find that people are not aware of their birth day. Then how are they to choose their lucky gem! For them there is also a way out. They can decide the lucky gem on the basis of the first letter of their names because of first letter of a name points to the star the person is ruled by.

Diamond Gem
Che, Chu, Cho, La:
According to these letters the star is Ashwini and the lord of the star is Ketu. Thus, the gem to be worn by these persons is Cat's Eye or Tiger Eye. By wearing Cat's Eye such person can get better position in life, financial stability, happiness multiply profits, get success in education and research, etc.

Lee, Lu, Le, Lo:
According to these letters the star is Bharani, Lord Venus and the gem is Diamond/Turquoise. By wearing a Diamond or Turquoise one can get promotion, luxuries, intelligence, a happy married life, children, conveyance and property.

A, E, U, V:
According to these letters the star is Kriattika, lord is Sun and the gem is Ruby, Star Ruby or Garnet. By wearing one of such a person whose name starts with A, E, U, Y can have success in whatever one does, get support from superiors and win legal cases.

0, Va, Vee, Voo:
According to these letters the star is Rohini, Brahma the lord and the gem is Pearl, Moon Stone or Jade. By wearing it one can get lost property, enemies turn into friends and he/she would also get name, fame and popularity.

Ve, Vo, Ki:
 Coral Gem
According to these letters the star is Mrigashira, the lord Mars and the gem is Red Coral, Red Cornelian or Red Tourmaline. By wearing these one can get oratorical skill, prosperity, boldness and acquires firmness in taking decisions. These also protect one from all sorts of accidents and weapons.
Ku, Ghau, Dau, Ka, Ja, Cha:
According to these letters the star is Ardra, lord Rahu and the gem Gomeda/Hessonite, Garnet or Jaichint. By wearing these one can get a clear mind, and progress. One would come out of a bad company, bad habits and get control over short temper. Success is ensured in the occupation one is pursuing.

Key, Ko, Hau, Hi:
According to these letters, the star is Punarvasu, lord Jupiter and the gem Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Yellow Topaz or Amethyst. By wearing one of these one becomes intelligent, acquires health, good position in life and a happy family life.

                                                                                     Hau, Hi, Ho, Daa:
These letters belong to the star Pushyami. Its gems are Blue Sapphire, Amethyst/Lapis Lazuli, Blue Tourmaline or Star Sapphire. Through these one can acquire attention, property, good character and position. Health problems connected to `vata' come down. Obstacles and disappointments in life get reduced.

Dee, Doo, De, Dou:
Yellow Sapphire GemThese letters belong to the star Aslesha. Its gems are Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Green Onyx and Malachite. By wearing these one gets mental peace, pursue higher education, get happiness and success. Health problems and nervousness will be considerably reduced.

Ma, Moo, Mow, Mu, Mee:
These letters belong to Maughaa. Its gems are Cat's Eye and Tiger Eye. By wearing these one can get wealth, luxuries, a happy life, acquires intelligence, property and success in all ventures. One is also inclined towards spiritualism.

Mo, Taa, Tto, Tu:
These letters belong to the star Purva Phalguni. Its gems are Diamond, Turquoise, Spathic, White Tourmaline and Zircon. By putting one of them, one can get oratorial skill, luxuries, attention, quick marriage in life, boldness and happiness.

Ruby Gem
Bhey, Bhow, Bhaa:
These letters belong to the star Uttara Phalguni. The gems are Ruby, Star Ruby, Garnet, Peridot and Golden Topaz. One can achieve a charming personality, win friends and get support from his superiors. There is abundant flow of money, luxuries and one gets property also.

Poo, Sha, No, Ta:
These letters belong to the star Hasta. Its gems are Moon Stone, Pearl or Jade. One can achieve mental peace, good health, longevity and affection from family members. Lung problems are solved and one gets a strong mind, status and abundant money.

Re, Ree:
These letters belong to the star Chitra. The lord of the star is Mars and gems are Red Coral, Red Jasper, Comelian or Red Tourmaline. By having these on the body one can achieve success in legal cases, job, marriage, money and success in business. They would protect one from dangers from fire and electricity.

Ru, Rey, Roo, Taa:
These letters belong to the star Swati. Its lord is Rahu and gems are Gomeda/Hessonite Garnet and Jaichint. By wearing these one can achieve success in legal cases. These also bestow good health and status, remove obstacles and disappointments and make one prosperous.

Thi, The, Thoo, Thow:
These letters belong to Vishakha star. Its lord is Jupiter and gems are Yellow Sapphire. Amethyst, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Tourmaline and Yellow Topaz. They bestow the wearer God's grace, children, good wife, property, intelligence and happiness.

Nee, Ni, Noo, Ney:
Emerald GemThese letters belong to the star Anuradha. Its gems are Blue Sapphire, Lapiz Lasuli, Blue Zircon, Blue Tourmaline or Star Sapphire. By wearing any of these one can get the power of attracting others like a magnet, and make progress in life. They also bring in peace of mind and quick success in all ventures.

Now, Ya, Yee, Yuoo:
The star of these letters is Jyeshta. Lord is Mercury and gems are Emerald/Aquamarine/Green Onyx/Green Tourmaline and Green Jade. These bring success, happiness, skill to make decisions and implement them. These also help in controlling all types of nervous problems.

Bhey, Bhaa, Bhae:
These letters belong to the Moola star. Its gem is Cat's Eye. Through this one can achieve property and ward off evil spirits and bad company. It will help him get rid of chronic diseases and ensure financial position.

Bhoo, Dhaa, Dhaa:
These letters belong to the star Purvashada. Its gems are Diamond, Spathic, Turquoise, White Tourmaline or American Diamond. By wearing these one can get house, conveyance, Jewels, property, happy married life and children. These also help in getting rid off diseases.

Bhow, Jow, Jee, Jow:
Pearl GemThese letters belong to Uttarashada. Its gems are Ruby, Star Ruby, Peridot, Golden Topaz, or Garnet. One can get support from superiors, friends and relatives on wearing them. They would get favours from government and would be happy and get property.

Khee, Khey, Khow:
 These letters belong to the star Shravana. Its gems are White Pearl, Jade or Moon Stone. By wearing them one can achieve mental peace and a lot of wealth. They would make one bold and attract help and support of the opposite sex.

Gaa, Gi, Cu, Gee:
 According to these letters the star is Dhanishta and its gems are Red Coral, Red Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Red Cornelian. These can hep one become calm. These give physical and mental strength to the wearer, property, name, fame and wealth.

Cow, Saa, Si, Soo:
 According to these letters the star is Shatabhisha, lord Rahu and the gems are Gomeda, Hessonite Garnet or Jaichint. If one wears one of these stones he can get success in legal and property cases. These also help in coming out of all subjugation and lead a happy life. Health, wealth, happiness and respect from others is also ensured.

Sey, Sow, Daw, Dhi:
Blue Sapphire Gem
According to these letters the star is Poorvabhadra, lord Jupiter and the gems are Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Topaz, Golden Topaz, Yellow Jasper and Yellow Cornelian. These bestow God's grace, good children and spouse. One would get landed property and financial stability.

Doe, Thaw, Jhau:
These letters belong to the star Uttar Bhadrapada. The gems for this are Blue Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline, Lapiz Lazuli, Lolit, Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz and Star Sapphire. These bring name and fame and help in removing obstacles and disappointments. One may also get property and good health.

Dey, Dow, Chaa, Chee:
These letters belong to the star Revati. Its gems are Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Onyx, Green Tourmaline and Green Jade. By wearing these one can have intelligence, wisdom, children, financial stability, literary skills and happiness.

Writer – Rakesh Shastri

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