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Wholesale Sterling Silver Brush Finish Toggles

Wholesale Sterling Silver Brush Finish TogglesA jewelry toggle comprises a set of loop and stick jewelry where the loop attaches to the open-ended side while the jewelry stick is attached to its other terminal. The jewelry stick can be inserted through its loop then twisted alongside the loop. The two components can be sustained in place through force of gravity. A space slack is provided to avoid skin-tight kind of jewelry set piece. 

Compared to claw clasps, toggle clasps are more prone to damage if not handled with care. Toggles jewelries are preferred by trendy personalities than lobster claw type. Enclosed jewelry designs with too much slack are likely to fall apart especially when its tension is so much relaxed. Fancy decorative toggles are often placed at the necklace’s fore front to serve as attractive visual centerpiece.

Toggles are available in various shape and sizes such as diamond, oval, round and square. Well secured toggles cannot slip backwards once it is looped properly. The wider end of the toggles loop must be smaller compared to the soldered distance from the anchor spot. Likewise, the loop must be large enough to accommodate the tiny beads at its toggle end.

You must pass the stick through the loop prior to turning it to rest on the toggles. Most jewelry pieces that come with clasps have beads which decrease in size from bigger ones at the center to the smallest size at both ends. It is at the center where visibility is more enhanced. As you turn to rotate the bracelet, lighter toggles shifts to the upper part mainly due to gravitational pull. Heavier toggles help to balance the bracelet.

925 Indian Sterling Silver Brush Finish Toggle'sChained jewelry pieces have end caps which are soldered right onto the chain and toggles. Some have soldered jump rings or link locks that connect both chain and toggles. However, chain pieces which are not soldered often use jump rings or split rings. In majority of cases you would find jewelry crafters using flattened crimps to fasten toggles to beads.

Many jewelry designers prefer bid tips to transition to the rest of jewelry enclosures. The same style is adapted for both knotted silk and fiber jewelry projects. You can directly knot fiber or leather pieces onto toggle pieces using overhand knots. Items such as buttons can serve as your stick but with a shank used in conjunction with seed loop on bead wire. With expandable toggles your entire loop turns out to be very fancy especially when attached with several rings.

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