Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wholesale Seamless Beads

Wholesale Seamless Beads

It is amazing to note that majority of picky jewelry collectors do not purchase trendy jewelry because everyone is wearing them, or their appearance. They are simply jewelry collectors and when it comes to choosing seamless beads, they are very picky.

From the leading online jewelry suppliers comes stunning jewelry to behold. The pieces would satisfy even the very discerning eye. Here are some of the seamless beads jewelry that can be found at Legend Art Beads.

Rings: Elongated Window ring is one of the hottest sterling silver beads in today’s market. There is also the lovely 925 Fusion textured electroform flowered ring. For more dazzling pieces, you may go for 14 karat gold-diamond alloy leaf wrap rings.

Necklaces: The 34-inch, 18 karat embraced bronze link necklace provide seamless beads that are not only fine in texture but offer perfect mix of simplicity. Then there is the 56-inch multi-shaped tiger eye bead necklace. It comes in different shapes adorning brown colors with seamless tiger eye beads. Other smart options to add on to your collection include 14-karat gold, 18.25-inch dangle necklace.

Pendants: All admirers of natural beauty would appreciate the seamless, lightweight and elegant 14-karat turtle pendant. The rectangular shaped sterling silver pendant exerts extra dramatic and bold accent to your personal wardrobe. The myths of the orient can be found on display in Legend Art Beads dragon pendant which contains various colour jade including rubies. If you are in the category of people who desire little pieces of everything, then you can opt for either palladium, sterling silver or 18-karat hand carved Italian pendant. It showcases the finest flip side craftsmanship of master craftsmen.

Earrings: Sapphire dangle earrings made of silver usually consists of oxidized circle of sterling silver. Available designs bear intricate wavy patterns which help to complement the deep blue brilliant sapphire. You can create your royal princess earrings using a 56-round cut plus two baguette Austrian-cut crystals. If you want to grace your face with framed accessories from unique metal, then you may opt for 14-karat Rhodium figure eight earrings.

Pandora Beads: These are seamless beads and are all the rage. You can thus upgrade your collection today with the numerous delightful flower Beads with daisy bead blended patterns. Cute, impish 14-karat gold Boy-Bead appeals mostly to gold enthusiasts. To benefit from the better of two worlds, 14-karat sterling silver queen Bee-Bead has attractive features taunting yellow gold crown. If you are in search of a unique pin, then the 22-karat multi gemstone abstract pin featuring ambers, citrines and garnets are a good choice.

You may not be in possession of too many exceptional jewelry pieces among your collection. So browse you way to Legend Art Beads for your next jewelry item today.

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