Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Spiral Design Silver Large Hole Beads

Handmade Beautiful Sterling Silver Large Hole BeadsWhen you mention large hole beads, what springs to many people’s minds is about Pandora design or European design beads. Pandora large hole beads are perhaps the hottest trendy styles to be found in today’s market. They are manufactured from different materials like gemstone, glass amongst other metals.

Among the good attributes about large hole beads is the fact that they are versatile in their application to jewelry making. Most come strung with various stringing materials. Popular designs include chains, and over-seeded bead strands among myriad knotted designs. These large hole designs come in different appealing color tints. Different shape and patterns including varying hole sizes are available in today’s jewelry market.

Legend Art Beads is one of the leading online source of premier large hole bead brands. You should be aware that it is possible to verify all the necessary measurements even if you are making your purchase online. If you are a novice when it comes to jewelry production, it is advisable that you start with beads with larger holes. They are easily stringed hence good choice for beginners.

If you consider Pandora type lamp-work bracelet beads for instance, the materials used consists of about 17.5 inches snake chain, 4 silver alloy beads, 4 red flowered beads, 4 alloy beads, 4 antique Tibetan silver, 4 pin rhinestone beads plus a single pendant attached a high heeled red shoe. Note that all beads have holes larger than the Pandora’s large hole bracelet.

You may just open the Pandora’s bracelet clasps and have all the beads stringed including charm pendants. It is possible to string your beads according to your desired styles. Popular design sequence follows this series; red flowered lamp-work, silver alloy, red flower lamp-work, Tibetan style antique, pink rhinestone and finally red shoe pendant beads.

Many attractive large hole bead designs follow in the same order of stringing. You can always find personalized styles to match your liking. You may not be content with limited choices available in your local offline supermarket. Be relieved though, because online suppliers are at hand with myriad stylish brands which are not only glamorous but cost effective.

Nice Silver Design Large Hole BeadsSuffice to say that online jewelry wholesalers are the best avenues from where to begin your search for large hole beads. You stand to benefit from quality and inexpensive brands. Furthermore, you got to choose from thousands of elegant design styles. Indeed online shopping provides unlimited brands that fit everyone’s liking and budget. Legend Art Beads, www.LegendArtBeads.com not only offer variety of quality jewelry products but you get them at affordable pricing.

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