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Silver Spacer Beads

Silver Spacer BeadsBeads are the small piece of glass, plastic, metal, wood, etc. which can be pierced together with threads or strings to turn it into a lively ornament. Different type of beads has been used over a long period of time and yes their obvious beauty is hard to resist. Spacer beads are used in several patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or hair pins to craft into an attractive piece of ornament. These are available in different shape and sizes with separate color combinations so as to provide you with more options so that you can have fun mixing them up with different attires.

The silver spacer beads are one of the most attractive beads which can change the meaning of a boring ornament to a sparkling one. These are very delightful, shiny and exquisite to wear with any clothing to make you stand out of the crowd. With these silver ornaments you need to not worry about any skin allergy issues or any skin disease unlike some metals like nickel or lead.

In most of the silver beads the amount of silver used is around 92% and this known as sterling silver.
The sterling silver spacer beads are similar to silver beads and it is only differentiated on accounts of the amount of silver used with other metals. The beads have variety of designs ranging from circular, square, trendy shape or random shapes. The details can be checked on with the wholesale sterling silver spacer beads and can be easily added to cart to try out the same. The designs have been handcrafted by our designers with an elaborated finish that makes it a wonder to look at.

These definitely will change your look to an eye catching and gorgeous diva once you adorn them. 

The daisy spacer beads are another kind of beads which have a major resemblance to a flower and as this is what women prefer the most to add another bit of elegance to their overall looks and attire. These delicate and pretty silver daisy spacer beads are available in various designs and would be wonderful choice for weddings and other social events. Change the silver purity and you get the sterling silver daisy spacer beads which are just as exquisite as the previous ones.

Sterling Silver Wholesale Spacer BeadsIf you are an artisan who loves to fiddle around with beads either to string them together or make individual pieces of ornaments like earrings, you can go for wholesale sterling silver daisy spacer beads. By going for that, not only can you get a huge chunk of beads at one shot, but it also gives you the option to mix and match various trinkets to design something that you fancy. 

Our website also features some Indian spacer beads and its counterpart the daisy spacer beads
which have been in vogue for some time now. We request you to browse through our site and contact us if in case you have any queries. We would be delighted to help you.

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