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Introduction to Rudraksh Beads

 Attractive Different Rudraksh Beads
Rudrakshas have not only medicinal use, they have religious value. They have been created by none else than Lord Shiva. As the name suggests Rudra stands for the Lord and akshya means eyes. Rudraksha is a tree which bears fruits of various colours red, black and mixed. The trees are generally found in Nepal, Malaysia and the countries of north Asia. The trees are of medium or dwarf size and the fruit is called `Rudraksh'. Rudraksh is found to be similar to walnut shell. When the cover is broken or cut, Rudraksh is found inside. After the fruits dry up, they develop strips all around their masses. These have one and more faces. Faces are natural lines found across Rudraksh. Every Rudraksh has a specific purpose.

Our religious books have mentioned the immense importance of the fruit. Garlands made of Rudrakshas are supposed to be highly auspicious and sacred.

Rudrakshas are borne with various mouths varying from one mouth to 14 mouths. When two Rudrakshas get attached to each other, that is called Gouri-Shankar, i.e. Lord Shiva and Parvati joined. That is a rare phenomenon.

A bead is the right instrument for offering prayers to God. The bead of the holy Rudraksha is suitable for the purpose.

Importance of Rudraksh

This rosary is very auspicious and takes the wearer close to the Almighty. According to Hindu mythology, the use of Rudraksha rosary means that Lord Shiva would give his choicest blessings upon the wearer. It has significant effect on our body, mind and soul and can be used for propitiation of advice on planetary configurations.

Rudraksha Beads GemstonesIt is said that once there was a daitya named Tripurasur who was unconquerable. Brahma, Vishnu, and other deities were tired of him as they were being harassed by him. Finally they approached Lord Shiva and requested him to help them to get rid of him. Lord Shiva thought of using a special fire-weapon named Aghor This weapon destroyed everything. It is believed that it was like an atom explosion. Lord Shiva used that weapon to destroy Tripurasur. During the use of this weapon, Lord Shiva could not open his eyes and when he opened them they became watery, and a few drops of water dropped on earth. These drops later appeared in the shape of trees and the fruits of 38 types appeared which are now called Rudrakshas. Lord Shiva is known as Rudra and his tears are named Ashak. Hence the name Rudrakshas. Of these Rudraksha, 12 types have been assigned to Sun, 10 to five and 16 to Moon.

Various faces

It is believed that the smaller the size of Rudrakshas, the more auspicious is it.

One-faced Rudraksha is rare and is considered to be Lord Shiva himself. On this, the figures of Shiva Linga, Serpent, Om, trishul and other auspicious marks are not found: The use of this Rudraksha around the neck blesses the wearer with authority, wealth and comforts and luxuries of life. The sadhaka will have darshan of his deity. It bestows supernatural powers and enables him to do good deeds and attain salvation. It is good for heart ailments also.

The two faced Rudraksha beads are believed to be of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Its use blesses the wearer with the blessings of both deities. For Shiva bhakti this is termed the best. To end tamsic habits this is greatly beneficial. The use of this is also good for concentration and peace of mind and upliftment of spiritual nature. Pregnant ladies should wear it around their waist or arm for the successful birth of a child. One Rudraksha may be kept under the pillow. It is also very useful for vashikaran to attract someone to your fold. The sins of the wearer are condoned by wearing this.

The three faced Rudraksha keeps one free from all types of bad luck. Its use is best for wealth and education. A fever is cured by its use after three days. Persons born in Aries, Leo and Saggitarius ascendants must wear this. The wearer becomes fiery as fire.
The four-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Brahma. Its use blesses a person with wealth and good health. One becomes spiritual and achieves the goal in life. Its use increases the intellect and power of speech. This is also used in Vashi Karan Akarshan (attraction) and for sexual purpose. If one boils it in milk and takes the milk for 20 days, it stimulates the mind and removes worries. 
Rudraksh Beaded MalaThe five-faced Rudraksha is believed to be more auspicious and is ascribed to Panch Brahma, and the use of same leads to the blessings of Lord Shiva. It indicates Moksha and fulfillment of all desires and keeps the wearer away from diseases. To remove constipation, one should place one bead on the umbilical and should count up to 108 and then again count 108 in reverse manner for 21 days and keep the bead in a temple. It is known as Sarv Kalyankari and Mangal Data.

The six-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Kartika, son of Lord Shiva and he is supposed to exist in those fruits. The male should use it on the right arm. Its use blesses the wearer with all comforts of life. It is specially useful to attain siddhi (supernatural powers) and success in business. It is also useful for curing hysteria, epileptic fits and other diseases that afflict ladies. The seven-faced Rudraksha is termed as Aanat and its lords are Sapta Rishis. Its use blesses the native with sex power, respect, wealth and spiritual power.

The eight-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Ganesha. It blesses all comforts of life and removes sins arising from having illicit relations with women.
The nine-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Bhairon, Yam and Kapil Muni. It should be used on the left arm during Navaratras for getting blessing from Durga. The wearer enjoys wealth and family comforts, children's welfare and fulfillment of all hopes.

The ten-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Lord Vishnu himself. The user is protected from the malefic influence of all planets, evil effects of souls and becomes bold. In tantric rites, it carries special importance. The person who wears it is safe from all tantric attacks, and Akal Mritiyu.
14 Faces Rudraksh Beads

The eleven-faced bead is ascribed to Lord Indra. It is believed to be highly powerful, possessing eleven strengths of eleven deities. It should be kept in the house at the place of puja and in the cash box. It is specially useful for ladies, as it blesses them with a husband whose lifespan is long and one who is progressive and wealthy. It is said that after purification, if a lady wears it, she is surely blessed with a son.

The twelve-faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Lord Vishnu. If worn in the ears, all disorders are quelled. Its wear and use indicates comforts, employment and blessings of all the deities. The fear of thieves and fire and other obstacles is removed. It is the best to absolve sins and is called Aditya Rudraksha. Its rosary consists of 32 beads, which is equal to the number of teeth.

The thirteen-faced Rudraksha, if available and used, is very auspicious. It is ascribed to Vishva Devas. The user gains Moksha, fulfils all his desires, ambitions and is endowed with good health, wealth, property and comforts of life. It gives many types of siddhis and one can attract anybody.

The fourteen-faced Rudraksha is very rare and is ascribed to Lord Shiva himself. It cures diseases, bestows all comforts of life and a high position, status and better luck in politics. If boiled in milk and drunk for 20 days, the man gets relief from all worries. It also removes evil effects of Saturn, and ensures victory over enemies. It should be worn on the head.
 Writer- Rakesh shastri
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