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How gems affect human lives?

Aquamarine Gem
Gems have curative power. They have elemental power to pour in fortune, too, by driving away evil impact of planets. Some of them have magical powers to heal, to make life happier by gearing up prosperity, status, knowledge, good health and name and fame.

Westerners believe that amber (a yellowish translucent fossilized resin gotten from dead trees and used in jewellery) cures rheumatism. For them jewels have been made of the tear drops of a Greek god. Germans make their infants wear garlands of ambers around their necks. In Turkey there exists the belief that jewels destroy germs. In Greece they believe that if they drink in cups made of amethyst, it does not make them intoxicated. Romans used chains made of Coral pieces to nullify evil effects of planets. In Greece woman wear Blue Sapphires to avoid impure things entering their minds.

All one has to do it to chose the correct gem and wear it at the appropriate time after completing necessary rituals.

Sun-rays have seven colours which influence human life in many ways. There is close relationship between colour and light. The living beings in the world and others take up their colours from the seven colours of the Sun. The planets are also seven in number; so are the days in a week and also the prominent gems from which are produced many other semi-jewels or semi-precious stones.

Amethyst GemFor example ultra-violet rays of the Sun do harm human body. If a person wears a piece of Ruby on his/her person, the Ruby would keep those rays off from the human body and thus the human arteries and veins would function normally. Like sun, planets also send rays which affect human life on earth. Gem and jewels have been worn from ancient times, not only for make-up or to display wealth but also as a means to cure ailments.

The ancient Ayurvedacharyas used gems in the form of ashes and powder to treat human beings. Likewise, astrologers have been taking into account the powers of gems. Varaha-mihira, the great astrologer of his time, has recognized the miraculous affect of gems and jewels. It is mentioned in ancient books that if one wears a favorable gem, he reaps benefits. But if an unfavorable gem is worn, it brings in bad days.

Here are brief accounts of how each gem stone (arranged alphabetically for the convenience of the readers) helps:

Alexandrite: This costly gem is available in various shades of green and looks dark in artificial light. It can give the wearer good luck, prosperity and magical powers. Particular gainers are those who are conducting research like scientists, mathematicians, atomic scientists and explorers. It will protect the wearer from following useless pursuits and his energies will be properly channelized and fruitfully utilized. But those who cannot hold on to their own judgments and are easily swayed by the influence of others or those who are afraid to defy social conventions for fear of criticism should not wear it. It makes the wearer bold, adventurous or helps him take bold decisions.

Beryl Gem
Amethyst (neelamani): This purple or violet-coloured transparent stone wards off the tendency in persons to switch over from one activity to another, protects the wearer from sudden and unexpected happenings, dangers of witchcraft and evil spirits. It imparts financial stability and teaches to manage financial affairs. It is also good for managers, computer scientists and financial experts, particularly those engaged in major or big enterprises. It is beneficial for those who were born in the month of January or February of any year and for Pisces (those born between February 21 and March 20), particularly those who may wish to obtain professional advancement and long life. 

They would develop magnetic personality and would be able to win over the opposite sex with ease, with the use of this gem. They would acquire happiness and undying love and affection, and protection from excessive indulgences like intoxication, temptations to go in for excessive involvements, drugging, etc. Scientists, technocrats, mathematicians and research scholars would have greater powers of concentration, seriousness of purpose and sustained work. Promotions, transfer to suitable place, too, can be acquired by the wearer within a few months of the use of this gem. 

Those dealing with fashion garments, beauty parlors, travel and tourism, and public relation jobs can hope to achieve instant success through the use of this gem. Men with birth number 3 and those with birth number 4 or 8 too would find sudden boom in their financial fortunes as also position and prestige, if they can acquire and use this gem. This gem is also good for the physical well-being of the wearers and is good for those who may wish to give up drinking and wish to lead a simple and healthy life. Aquarians are advised to wear it and also Capricomians. Recommended maximum weight: 10 carats.

Bloodstone Gem
Amber (traimani): This gem stone is generally red or yellow. But sometimes they are found in green and blue Amber colour. It is lighter and softer than Pearl. It glitters like dewdrops in the bright sunlight. It is worn by those who seek good luck, financial stability and to ward off danger from witchcraft. The gem is also used for curing many chronic ailments.

But the wearer must not indulge in luxuries and temptations. It relieves the wearer of tensions and is good for those interested in nobler types of deeds and social and humanitarian causes. It should be kept away from heat or sun.

It is very useful for those who often have to meet challenging and frustrating atmosphere. It is good for those involved in political life and those wishing to have governmental patronage. It is good for those having birth numbers l or 9. It is good for persons born between 21st July and 20th August.

Agate (Haqiq) (Sulemani Pathar): This gem bestowing intelligence, will-power, wisdom and eloquence of speech is either grey white, red or muddy. Red is ruled by Mars, yellow by Sun and white by Jupiter. It protects the wearer from being cheated. It gives strength to heart, protects against infections, fevers and risks of traffic obstacles. Particularly helpful it is to those in service and professions. It ensures a successful and smooth career. Those engaged in farming, agriculture and horticulture are the biggest beneficiaries.

It also cures body pains and pain in legs. Those born between 21st July and 22nd August are suggested to wear it.

An inexpensive stone, it is worn for good luck. It cures headaches, wind trouble and acidity and bestows extra sexual and muscular powers. It can also be worn by those who are interested in spiritual attainments. It nullifies the ill affects of curses of others and keeps the wearers protected from secret plots often hatched by others through jealousies and rivalries. It is particularly good for elderly persons wishing to lead active and fruitful lives. It should be preferably worn. on Sundays after prayers. Muslims can wear it after Friday prayers and after offering food and alms to the poor. It is very popular with Muslim saints as it enhances their power to do well to others.

Chrysoberyl GemAquamarine: Aquamarine is a variety of beryl and possesses largely the property of Emerald. It appears in various shades of blue and greenish blue. Some of them are transparent. It is ruled by Venus and Mars. It goes well for a tender skin and can be worn with considerable success for girls who are in the age group of 15-18. It is also recommended for devout Hindus and others who may be inclined towards humanitarian and spiritual aspects of life and want to probe deeper into mysteries of nature. It is ideal for Leos and those born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30 of a month (birth number 3) or for Pisces or for those in whose cases Jupiter is well placed in the ascendant in their natal charts. 

It would also reduce tensions/stresses in relationships, strengthen emotional ties and can protect the wearer in cases where others may exploit or play on their kind-heartedness or generosity. It is highly beneficial for those engaged in teaching and research, banking, medicine, humanitarian causes, travel and tourism, film industry, sailors and navigators and those interested in getting benefit from overseas connections. Those who have ego problems and cannot control their temper it is a must. The use of this gem resolves the marital problems of many young couples, whose life otherwise was not worth living.

Beryl: Good for those whose birth number is 6, it is found in different colours -emerald green, rose, red, yellow and orange. It helps the wearer to enjoy life filled with love and affection. This is used after immersing it in holy waters for a few hours. It gives boost to the personal charm of the wearer and increases his/her acceptability in social circles.

Bufonite: Bufonite is helpful when snake or other poisonous reptiles bite a person.

Bezoar or Beza: The Bezoar is a gemstone which was invariably used in the olden times to protect the wearers from plague, infection, poison and serious affections and dangers.

Bloodstone: It is a dark green gem with red spots all over the body. It is considered particularly lucky for Ariens, Scorpions or those having birth number 9. It is good for general well-being and for financial experts those in the field of insurance, banking, stocks and shares and financial manipulations. It produces daring nature, courage and mental alertness to them. It is supposed to cure wounds and bleeding, safeguards general and functional health, and guards the wearer against deception and foul play.

Corundum Gem
Cat's Eye (Lasonia): It was a yellow or blackish radiance with a silver streak. It is also found in black and white, pale blue and light red shades. In light it looks like the eye of a cat It clears hindrances and wards off evil effects of witchcrafts. It acts quickly and restores lost wealth. Poverty of the wearer vanishes. It saves him from enemies. It does well to those who do not have well-placed Ketu in their birth charts. The malefic effects of Ketu is loss of reputation and increase in jealousies and rivalries as a result of the man's popularity. 

Use of the stone must ease matters and safeguard him from scandals and loss of reputation. It is essential for those who are having birth numbers 2 and 7, or those who are governed by the planet Moon to wear it. This stone removes fear of impending hardships and cures allergies or skin disorders. It can also be worn by those whose Sun is degraded in their birth charts or for those of birth numbers I and 8. The stone acts as a shield for the wearer against losses in business thereby ensuring financial stability. Rich and wealthy persons can wear it as it will act not only as a guardian of its owner's wealth but will lead to further accumulation of riches. 

This stone works well if Ketu (Dragon's tail) is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house from Venus in the chart. It gives comforts. If Ketu (Dragon's tail) is in lagna, use of this stone will prove to be beneficial in all these cases. The stone acts as guardian of the wealth of the wearer. It protects the wearer from all kinds of misfortunes. If this stone is of a good quality, it can take the person to the top. It can reduce the impact of ailments like heart trouble and haemorrhage, increase knowledge, longevity and strength and cure chronic and incurable diseases. The gem protects from mishaps, accidental risks and hidden enemies.

Warnings: Persons born in 4, 13, 28, 9, 18, 27th day of any month should not wear it.

Coral (Monga): Though not a precious stone, it is taken to be one of the Nevratnas. It is of bright red colour but is available in lighter shades too. It is also found sometimes in white and yellow colours. It is not a mineral but is mostly composed of calcium secreted from sea water. This famous gem is generally found in Mediterranean waters. Other deposits are found off the costs of Spain, France, Sardinia, Corsica, Secily and the Coral Sea. Red Sea and the Persian Gulf offers bright Australian red coral. North-west coasts of Africa and the seas around Japan also contain it. The richest yields of it come from Algerian and Tunisian coasts. Any Coral to be effective must be:

1. round or oval.

2. opaque with red pigments of cinnabar.

3. should emit a lovely splendour and is smooth without a hole.

Gomed Gem
The opaque gemstone is most effective for radiating powerful emotions through absorption of red radiation from visible light spectrum. Use of this gem in gold keeps away several diseases, particularly tropical fevers, chickenpox, jaundice, fistula, impotency and ailments pertaining to blood. It is also most effective in healing ailments like anaemia, general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pains, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. It helps to improve marital life. 

Children suffering from malnutrition or slow development may also improve and become intelligent. Abortion or miscarriage or other prenatal complications can be prevented, provided the gem is used after three months of pregnancy. At times, nightmares or threats from spirits or witchcraft can be warded off. The gem also protects wearers from lightning and thunder and traffic accidents. Those with birth number 9 would get quick results, as it would provide them with extra energies, financial stability, reduction of tensions, easing of litigation, and legal issues. The gem may grant land and property. It will give strength and willingness to meet challenges and critical situations. It should be worn on a Tuesday within one hour of sunrise.

Warning: Those who were born on 2, 11, 20, 29, 5, 14, 23, 7, 15, 25, 8, 17 and 26th day of any month should not wear coral.

Chrysoberyl: Chrysoberyl is an aluminate of beryllium. It is found generally in green and yellow colours. It is connected with nobler actions, and those who always think of doing good to others. Holy people and those anxious to seek spiritual attainments are advised to use it. The wearer acquires extraordinary powers and gets name and fame in a short time. It is highly recommended for those who are suffering from allergies, asthma, chest infection or respiratory system.

Corundum: This precious blue-colour gem belongs to the Ruby and Sapphires family. Sapphires have the powers to bestow general happiness and divine favors. These rare gems have crystal lining in their atomic structure. In light, they look like sparkling stars. The purer variety of corundum does not have any colour. The gem should be 
atleast 3 carat in weight.

Jade Gemstone
Carnelian (Rattatus): Of red colour, this gem clears the voice of the wearer and helps to give him peace of mind, tranquillity, and harmony. It is also used in ailments of the nose, particularly nose bleeding tumors. Speakers and orators get good results when they wear it. It can be used for keeping good health, wealth and curing typhoid and yellow fever.

Diamond: The word is derived from the Greek word adamas unconquerable. This universally known precious stone holds a unique position because of several remarkable properties. Chemically it is like an ordinary lamp black, nothing more than carbon in its pure form. It has many varieties, the finenest one being colourless. Blue white is a fine colour although most of the stones are yellowish or brownish. The colourless with a blue tinge or which throws blue and red rays and is without black dots is supposed to be the most auspicious. But if there is filth in the middle or corners, it should be treated as inauspicious. Similarly black dots or red dot or drop is considered inauspicious.

According to some ancient bgolcs Diamond is said to be of three kinds male, female and eunuch.

The male is the best, female medium and the eunuch is to be avoided. Another opinion is that according to its structural beauty and radiance, etc, the diamond is of four kinds Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. The diamond which has eight or six angles and if reflected on water displays seven colours of the rainbow, that which is light in weight but looks large, that which is round but explicitly exhibits all its eight facets, that which is without lines or dots is a 'male diamond'. The Diamond which is round and long, has dots and lines but has other qualities of the male diamond is called 'female diamond'. The diamond which has only three angles and the angles are turned, that which is round, large and heavy in weight is known as 'eunuch diamond'.

The Diamond with a red or yellow hue is said to be very beneficial and auspicious for kings, 
political leaders and administrators holding high positions.

The diamond with the white hue is suitable for those engaged in religious, social and spiritual work. The diamond of yellow colour bestows success and prosperity to industrialists, businessmen, financiers, etc. The one with the black hue is suitable for those who are engaged in inferior kind o." jobs or professions. Women who want to be blessed with sons should wear an unblemished white diamond with a slight black hue.

Cheap and defective diamonds can have adverse effect ailments and tension, etc.

Lodestone Gem
It is said that wearer of a Brahmin diamond is born again as a Brahmin upto seven births. He becomes proficient in religious scriptures and earns great respect and regards from others. The owner of Kshatriya diamond becomes a brave warrior, able diplomat, political leader or administrator and achieves great success in his career of sphere. The businessman who wears a Vaishya Diamond becomes wealthy and respected and enjoys all luxuries of life.

The wearer of Shudra diamond becomes wise, successful and wealthy and is helpful to others.

A defective or blemished diamond causes great harm to its wearer. The white diamond with the shape of island, destroys wealth and happiness, the one with red island like impression destroys the cattle belonging to the wearer and the one with the black yava destroys wealth. Other defects in diamond disturb mental peace and bring disasters and diseases.

Diamond is worn for longevity and financial progress in life. It blesses the wearer with children, intelligence, name and fame and fortune. It has also curative power; it cures diseases of kidney and reproductive organs and drives away evil spirits and effects of evil eye.

It gives great benefit to the one whose Venus is well placed in their birth chart or in whose horoscope Venus is the lord of lagna. Those born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month should wear it. Diamonds are more beneficial to those born in zodiac sign Gemini (those born between May 22 and June 21). Artists like dancers, singers, those taking part in dramas get popularity and gain materially if they wear diamond. It has an intoxicating effect on music lovers and they start dancing. Men and woman born in Taurus lagna and Aries and Leos can also benefit by wearing this precious gem.

It strengthens their resolve to carry out their plans. It bestows the wearers who often waver in taking decisions, willingness to execute objectives. Constant wearing of Diamond also enable the wearers to do good deeds, meriting commendation and acclaim. It also provides a state of spiritual ecstasy and enables them to meet challenges boldly in life. It can be worn with success by those facing litigations, court cases, etc. provided the cause is just. Ladies wearing the gem maintain their slimness and stay beautiful.

Diamonds bring in fidelity, loyality, good nature and innocence. Those who are constantly thinking of the opposite sex can ward off evil influences and make them sincere lovers and faithful to the loved ones.

Powder of diamonds are used as medicines and are used for curing heart ailments, sex weaknesses and diabetes. If worn by a pregnant woman, it ensures safe delivery. 

Friday is the day when Diamond should be worn, within one hour of sunrise.

Warning: Diamond should not be worn by those who were born on 1, 10, 19, 28, 3, 12, 21, 30, 2, 18, 27th day of any month.

Emerald (Patina): This transparent, very costly and rare gem stone and is radiant and beautiful and beryllium. Aquamarine and golden beryl are all beryls also, chemically of same composition. The best quality Emerald is deep velvet green or grass green in colour. The vitreous lustre of a good stone gives a beautiful appearance. This gem retains the colour in artificial light. It sprays bright rays and is without spots. The flows of Emerald are brightness like mica, thick water, depression, cracks, double colours, no lustre, black or yellow spots with rough surface. Such an Emerald can cause injuries to the wearer, unhappiness from parental side and distress.

Malachite Gem
The stone is worn for Mercury in the little finger on the right hand and allows cold radiation to be absorbed by the user, enabling him to have perfect control over his nervous and intestinal portions like liver, tissues, lungs, vocal chord, tongue, brain and nervous system. Defects of memory, stammering, harshness in voice, students having poor IQ, women at delivery bed fearing complication, men in business, writers, printers/publishers, dealers of scientific instruments will find Emerald beneficial. It is also beneficial in the case of
(i) Erythroblastosis Fostalis (RH group)

(ii) Depressive Psychosis

(iii) Pchadsophemia (psychological disorder)

(iv) Dyspepsia

(v) Hyperacidity

 (vi) Flatulence

(vii) Hepatitis

(viii) Bronchitis

(ix) Stomatitis. It is strongly recommended for those with birth number 6.

It enhances intellectual brilliance and prevents losses in business by enhancing wealth and property. It protects the wearer from snake bites, evil spirits and effect of evil eyes. It blesses the wearer with children and cures eye. But it should not be worn by those suffering from allergic tendencies, skin disorders or epilepsy. Apart from those whose Mercury is weak, it can be profitably worn by those governed by the solar signs Gemini or Virgo. 

It is particularly good for those connected with hospitals, and those dealing with chemical industry, poetry, factories and research, public relations job: business executives, management experts, medical and surgical equipment and instruments, equipment for surve diplomats, peacemakers, arbitrators, auctioneers, thus engaged in communications, and those who want to travel fast. It makes the users adaptable and gives strength to make the most of the difficult and challenging situations. It help the user to maintain unquestioned integrity and identity o character.

It should be preferably worn on Wednesdays, within on hour of sunrise.

Garnet: This cheaper stone is available in deep red an blackish red colour. The wearer of Garnet gets success battle or court cases. It gives him/her fortune, name and fami and energy to the body and controls bleeding and depression It is worn in place of Ruby. It is also called Cape Ruby, Arizen. Ruby and Bohemian Garnet. Generally this stone is free lion flaws. It provides fortune to those born in the month of Januar: or those who have their birth numbers as 1 or 9. Ladies havinl a delicate health should wear it to improve their health. 

The, gem protects the wearer from nightmares and untowardly happenings. Ancient Egyptians used it as an antidote for snake, bites and food poisoning. It also gives considerable advantage to those under stress. Ladies having birth numbers 4 or 8 o those who suffer from body pains and headaches should wear it around the neck. Politicians, surgeons, defiance personnel and those in services get advantage by wearing it.

Moonstone Gem
Gomed (Hessonite): Found in almost all colours red blue, green, yellow, brown and other shades this attractive gem offers semi-precious protection to the wearer from enemies and bestows health, wealth and prosperity. It acts as a protective shield to him while hunting wild animal’s o fighting in the battle field. But a defective stone can prove dangerous. The stone with red colour affects health and the one with the mixture of mica destroys wealth. From a distance the gem reflects the colour of urine of the cow. It is used with impressive results for ailments like wind and acidity. 

The stone leads to improvement in finances, health and happiness. It is strongly recommended for those involved in active politics or those having Rahu in their tenth house in the birth chart. It is recommended for those engaged in legal profession. It should also be worn by all those who may be interested in spiritual advancement, particularly during the Rahu Dasa. 

It is also good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorders, piles, epilepsy, and infection of eyes, cold, fatigue, insomnia, BP, heart ailments and infection in the upper part of body. It is an insurance cover against poverty. It is a recommended stone for persons of birth number 4 and should be worn in silver on the middle finger, two hours after sunset on Saturdays after Puja. But Gomed should not be worn by those who were born on 2, 12, 3, 20, 30, 7, 16, 25, 8, 26, 9, 18, 27 and 17th of any month.

Jade: Of green colour, or light cream, yellow cream or muddy black, but without lustre, this gem was very popular among the Chinese in ancient times. It is of two types. Jadeite and Nephrite. The former is the silicate of sodium and aluminium and the latter is silicate of calcium and magnisium. It can be fruitfully used as protection against accidents, diseases, witchcraft and epilepsy. It gives strength to lungs, heart and vocal organs. It is recommended for those who have allergies and skin disorders. It is supposed to give long life and a peaceful end to the wearer.

Jasper: This semi-precious opaque gemstone of a muddy red, brown, yellow and green colour is good for those who want to multiply money very fast. It is also beneficial for those who want to gain in horse racing and speculation of all types. It is also recommended for patients suffering from prolonged and mysterious ailments. It protects the wearer from insect bites, drowning and accidental injuries. It raises the intelligence level of the wearer and is particularly meant for those who want to remain alert all the time of the day and night.

Jet: Jet stone is an inexpensive gemstone and is available in black colour. It is supposed to cure snake bites. It was mined in the U.K. in 1500 B.C. It is a very hard variety of coal and has dull lustre on broken surface. It is associated with magical and mystical power. This stone is generally worn around the neck.

Kidney Stone: Light green in colour and non-transparent; this gem is particularly good for those who suffer from kidney ailments or urinary infections. 

Lodestone: This gemstone leads to heightned mental faculties and enables the wearer to foretell future events.

Melanite Gem
Lapiz Lazuli: Lapiz Lazuli is a soft, opaque gemstone of dark blue colour. This stone is ruled by Venus and Saturn. It represents tenderness, sympathy and love. Its use is recommended for those whose birth numbers are 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9 or for those who are born under the solar sign Taurus. It is particularly favorable for ladies engaged in music, art, dance, drama, etc. It is helpful to those who believe in subtle values. Persons using this gem will win over others through love. They seek peace and harmony. 

It is known to protect wearers from depressing outlook and from intermittent fevers and eye infections. The gem is good for general prosperity and happiness. This gem should not be used by those suffering from sugar or those who have enough fat in their bodies. It also heals liver and stomach problems. This stone can act as a substitute for Blue Sapphire.

Labradorite: This gem stone in deep blue and purple colours has a white streak like Moonstone. It protects the wearer against ailments like spondylitis, body pains, arthritis, etc.

It is highly recommended for those whose birth number is 8. It precludes the possibility of delays due to adverse influence of Saturn. It also protects the wearers against drowning.

Moon Stone: A gem of cheaper variety and a substitute for Pearl, this gem is found in white cloud colour. It looks like the moon. Sometimes it is found in reddish brown, blue, black or rose colour. There is a shining band inside which rolls when the stone is turn. Those born in July and those who have stomach upsets must use it. It relieves tension and nervous disorders. It has the mystical power of reconciling lovers who have fallan off. It is good for those needing greater concentration in studies/research, those having problems of marriage or marital happiness, those suffering from heart ailments, gynecological problems, epilepsy, mental ailments, those who cannot control tempers or who get excited quickly and for general peace. 

It is good for those dealing with research projects, accountancy, banking, navigation, judiciary and engineering. Moon Stone is strongly recommended for children who are not keeping good health and are poor in studies or growth. The stone should be worn on Mondays and be of weight between 5 and 7 rattis. It should be worn either in lockets or on the little or the 4th finger.

Malachite: It is dark bluish in colour with black or green strips on it. This is generally used to attain greater success in life and to cross over hurdles. This is particularly favorable for those engaged in business activity and for financial prosperity, but it also makes the wearer a bit extravagant and it is likely that he may flaunt his wealth. But it is very good to attain success and happiness in all spheres of life. It is ruled by Mercury and Venus and gives good sleep and drives away evil spirits.

Tiger's Eye Gem
Melanite: It is a black variety of Garnet. It protects the wearer from dangers from unexpected sources. It can be worn by sailors and fishermen on the high seas.

Ophite: This has mystic power. It enables one to see visions and hear the voices of the invisible.

Olivine: This stone brings good luck and cheer to wearers and protects them from unpleasant influences, evil thoughts and temptations, melancholy outlook, evil passions, deceit and cruelty.

Onyx (Sulemani Haqiq): Suitable for lovers, it is of green colour, having alternate bands of black and white. It is good for general happiness and prosperity and is also supposed to curve nightmares, fantasies and vision. It effectively wards off evil eye and ensures conjugal happiness. It can be used by those who are engaged in hard work. Politicians can use it to influence their adversaries and win them over with ease.

Opal: This beautiful shining and expensive gem stone is very popular for jewellery. This green gem is generally prescribed as a birth stone. It is found in different colours like black, red, yellow and white. Black opals are rare but white ones are common. This stone changes colours often. It bestows beauty, power and financial prosperity. Those who are born in October should wear it. It will make their personal and family life congenial. It helps in winning litigation and gives greater stability in life. It is used by astrologers and occultists to foretell future of their clients.

Pearl: This beautiful gem is the product of mollusk, a shell fish. Although of organic origin, it is composed principally of mineral matter the pearl oyster belongs to the mussel family. It possesses a byssus, similar to a bundle of threads by which it is able to attach itself to rocks or other sub-marine objects. There are generally two spawning seasons each year, when millions of young oyster are liberated. Only those that fall on the rocks reach a fishable age, though all bivalves are capable of producing pearl. It is these oysters which produce the precious pearls. This has been regarded as most auspicious stone since early times.

The lustre of Pearls varies with the nature of layers and different ocean beds seem to yield Pearls of characteristic tints. Colours may be white, black, yellow, blue, salmon pink, red, brown, green, etc. The rosy sheen is considered the best and is most expensive. Pearls having this sheen almost exclusively come from the Persian Gulf.

The lustre of Pearls is nacreous which means resembling mother-of-pearl, a lustre due to minute undulations of the edges of alternate layers of carbonate of lime and its membrane. 

The lustre of some pearls exists only on the surface. The outer surface of others may be dull and the inner lustrous. Cracks in its skin, a thin line on the body of the Pearl, an appearance like a joint, mole on the Pearl, lustreless spots like those of small pox, with spots, one with earth inside it, one with wood like material in its middle is unsuspicious and should not be used.

Pearls with a yellow lustre bring wealth. Red colour makes one intelligent. White Pearl gives fame and name and blue Pearl gives good future and evil influences of planets end.

Pearls help in reducing tensions, stomach upsets and family discards. If worn by ladies round the neck, it will preserve their chastity. Pearls' influence over heart, blood, mind and eyes is quite strong. It increases the self-confidence of the wearer, improves his/her mental faculties and promotes cordial atmosphere around. Those who seek great concentration in studies or work are greatly benefitted by wearing Pearls. People born under the sign of Cancer and on 7th, 16th and 25th day of any month and with birth number 2 must wear Pearls. Childless couples and ladies who are having menstrual disorders may use Pearls with great advantage. The gemstone should be used in silver or any white metal and worn on the little finger on Mondays. Pearl stone can be combined with Emerald or Peridot or Tourmaline.

Wearing of defective Pearl brings troubles. Pearl is likely to cause leprosy to the wearer. If in any Pearl there is a spot or a sign that appears like the eye of a fish, the wearer suffers loss of children. The Pearl which is devoid of lustre is said to shorten life. A Pearl which looks like a Coral is harbinger of poverty. The Pearl which is flat brings a bad name to the wearer. The Pearl which is long instead of being round makes the wearer foolish and an idiot. If a side of the Pearl is broken the wearer of such stone suffers the loss of his livelihood. If any part of the Pearl instead of being round takes the shape of a bird, the wearer of this stone may loose all his wealth and earnings. Pearl should not be worn by those born on 3, 12, 21, 30, 8 and 17 day of any month,  

Peridot: Made of magnesium silicate and iron, this gemstone constitutes a group of minerals and only its olivine varieties are being used as gem stones. It is a transparent, olive or bottle green stone. Some of them have yellow, brown or grey shades. But only greenish colour is used in jewellery. Those with darker shade are called Olivines and those with yellowish green or bottle green are known as Chrysolites. It is ruled by Sun. It leads to quick marriage and a happy married life. It protects the wearer from insect bite. This is very beneficial in case the wearer has Mercury in retrogression in his/her birth chart.

Perth: This gem of yellow colour is good for curing gout, arthritis and spondylitis. It is effective in asthma and diabetes. Quartz: This is the most widely distributed varieties of all gem stones. It is silica (oxide of silicon). It comes in various colours like black, yellow, brown and smoky grey. It has a number of varieties like rock crystal, smoke quartz, a citrine and Amethyst. It is good for saints as it has spiritual, medicinal and supernatural qualities, which delight those who are interested in occult science. Astrologers and palmists of renown as well as philosophers and spiritualists use this gem to their considerable advantage. It is also effective in eye infections, stomach ailments, stomach ulcer, throat infections, giddiness and blood poisoning.
The chatoyant stones under this category are Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye, etc.

Rock crystal: This has been known in India from times immemorial. This is a colourless semi-precious stone found in large quantity. When cut and polished it comes out as a beautiful stone, though it lacks 'fire'. It is a substitute for Diamond but is not found to be very effective.

Citrine: This is generally known as Quartz or Topaz. This is really yellow Quartz with peculiar internal structure, the colour being due probably to a trace of ferric oxide. Natural stones are not very common and most of the `atrine' in the market are as a result of heating sthoky Quartz. Although it is softer and much softer and much cheaper than Yellow Sapphire, when cut and polished it looks flawless and very much like Yellow Sapphire. Its lustre lasts for a very long time. It is a very useful substitute for Yellow Sapphire and Topaz.

Amethyst: This is the beautiful violet coloured variety of Quartz and probably the most valuable of the different species. Amethyst works as a very effective substitute for Blue Sapphire. The darker the colour, the more effective it is.

Ruby: One who wears a Ruby which is unblemished, that is, which is smooth in touch, clean, of good colour and water, has lustre, brilliance and radiance, is blessed with children, acquires wealth and property, becomes prosperous an accumulates precious gems.

He is protected from fear, afflictions, sorrow and disaster: He becomes fully virile and his will-power and spirit are strengthened. He occupies a high and respected position in society.

Ruby is also of four castes. The Brahmin Ruby is of rosy colour. The Kshatriya Ruby is red like a red lotus flower. Vaishya Ruby has the colour of the seeds of pomegranate pigeon's blood. The Shudra Ruby has a blackish or bluish hue and has no radiance.

This costly stone is worn for Sun, which emits cosmic rays and infra-red radiation. It rules over bones, cure indigestion, fevers and stomach pains. It is particular recommended for occultists, artists, architectures, leg experts, etc. Those belonging to solar sign Virgo and who have single birth numbers 1 to 4 (born on 1, 10, 19, 28, 4, 1: 22 and 31 of any month) should put on this gemstone. It should be worn on gold on the ring finger on Sundays within on hour of sunrise after puja (with 3 to 5 rattis weight). The stone particularly favors those who are in key positions.

Zircon Gem
A blemished and defective Ruby brings many trouble for the wearer. If the stone is dull, the wearer's brother gets into distress. The milky stone destroys the cattle. Double coloured stone causes distress to the wearer and his father. The stone with a red sign causes quarrels and disputes.

Smoky stone attracts attack of lightening. The stone with four spots creates fear from wounds and weapons and if it is dusty in colour it is the cause of stomach disorders an' childlessness. If there are white, black or honey coloured sprinklings on the stone, the native is defamed and there is less of longevity, wealth and comforts. It is also believed that if the stone loses its colour, the wearer is about to become victim of some distress or disaster.

It regains its colour when the trouble is averted or is over. It is also said that Ruby fades in colour by being put close to any poisonous substance. If there is a depression on the stone, the wearer suffers from ill health and loses vitality and stamina. If the stone is full of flaws of any kind it may bring death.

Yellow Sapphire: This expensive stone is of light yellow colour. It reflects righteousness, piety and truthfulness of the wearers. This gem is ruled by Jupiter and it is worn to get blessings of the planet. It is recommended for economic prosperity and is particularly good for those engaged in business or industry. This gem should be worn by those who are desirous to be blessed with children, or those interested in nobler aspects of life and in the occult, charity, spiritual motivation, yoga, meditation and religious preaching’s. It gives the wearer wisdom, good health, property, name and fame and protects him from evil spirits.

It should preferably be worn on a Thursday within an hour of the sunrise on the index finger. Its use with Pearl on gold too gives powerful results. If the Jupiter in the horoscope receives the aspect of Saturn or if there is conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the birth chart, this gem with a blue tinge will help. It is the recommended stone for persons of birth number 3, as it will bless them with all round happiness and prosperity, good health, benevolence and longevity. It will also protect the wearer from dangers during long voyages. It is particularly good for those born under the solar sign Sagittarius, but in order to be most effective it should be of light yellow colour and transparent. A pinkish-orange sapphire is known as "Padparadscher" and is the most expensive.

A stone with cracks invites threats of theft. The one without lustre and transparency creates enemies and causes disharmony in the family. Blemished gem stones are the cause of many troubles. Milky stone invites injuries to the body. The one with a web causes stomach disorders. The stone with black and white colours is harmful for the cattle of the wearer. The one with red dots on it destroys wealth. The stone with a depression causes anxiety and disturbs peace of mind.

Blue Sapphire: This gem should always be worn after giving it a trial. If it suits the wearer it removes his poverty and gives the wearer almost everything a man could desire, namely, health, wealth, longevity, happiness, prosperity, name and fame. It also restores lost• wealth and property. As the name denotes, it is of blue colour. The gem is associated with the planet Saturn. It is an expensive stone. But one should wear it after consulting a therapist, astrologer and numerologist: It gives relief to heart patients and protects the wearer against accidents and dangers of fire and natural calamities. 

It removes hassles and irritants, agonies and frustration in life. Sapphires are placed in different categories. The Brahmin class is blue or white with a bluish hue. The Kshatriya class is radish with bluish hue. The Vaishya class is white with dark blue tinge. The Shudra class is blue with a blackish hue. A blemished Sapphire brings in trouble. If it is having white lines, it affects wearer's eyes. Milky hue causes poverty. Cracks in stone may cause accidents and a double coloured one may bring in enmity. Non-transparent may affect the wearer's near relations. If Sapphire changes its colour, it warns the wearer of a threat of attack to him/her or a conspiracy against him/her. It has been noticed that the stone comes back to its original colour after the calamity is avoided or passed.

There is a substitute for Blue Sapphire and that cheaper stone is called Katlicla. It can be worn when there is a conjunction of Saturn-mars or Saturn-Rahu in the birth chart. It should be 3 to 3.5 carats in weight for domestic peace and financial prosperity. It helps in preventing vomiting, nautia, headache, vertigo, abscess, eye infections, allergies and tensions. The wearers of the stone would be attached and faithful to his/her family members. This stone should be worn on Saturday two hours and forty minutes before sunset. It can be also worn during Pashya Nakshatra or eclipses after distributing alms to the poor and doing puja. Experts opion that Blue Sapphire should be worn on the second finger and the weight should be atleast 5 carat. To achieve improvement in fertility, Blue Sapphire can be combined with Tourmaline of green colour.

White Sapphire: This is yet another precious stone which is white. This brings all-round financial prosperity and happiness. The wearer becomes systematic and methodical and upright in facing the problems of life. He would develop maturity in his dealings with people who would repose confidence in him.

Sardonic: This semi-precious stone, bluish or blackish in colour, imparts to the wearer, especially those born in months of January, February or August, assertiveness, protects him/ her from poisonous animal bites and infections. It makes those who are in public relations successful by influencing people. Lawyers, actors and orators do well if they wear this gem stone.

Stone of Memphis: This stone, if worn, would protect the person from any mishap.

Spirel: A double oxide of magnesium and aluminum, this is a transparent gem with red, darkish or yellowish hue. It is precious. It is mistaken often for Ruby because of its colour. The gem shields a person against unforeseen losses and gives monetary profit.

Sun Stone: Those who are having their birth number as 1 or 4 should wear this pink rose colour stone.

Topaz: Initially found in Red Sea, it draws it name from it. Although not at all expensive, it is highly effective. This is found in light yellow colour (The smoky is the best). But there are many varieties of Topaz. Most of them are colourless stones, some yellow, and some sherry in colour. True Topaz is a rarer commodity. It is blue-silicate of aluminum and natural crystals occur in a prismatic form with pyramid termination. Yellow Topaz is a good substitute for Yellow Sapphire. If worn by Gemini people, Librans or scorpions, it will lessen or remove risk of injury or attack. It should be worn by those who have to handle machines. Mental derangements, madness, suicidal tendency in man can be cured by wearing the gem. It also brings in domestic bless. Ruled by Sun, it helps in toning down negative thoughts that one carries for others and cools down tempers.

Turquoise (Firoza): Generally this stone is available in blue green to apple green colour. This opaque stone of appreciable value is scare in sky blue colour. It is of a complex composition hydrous phosphate of alumina coloured by a copper compound because of its containing some water. It should be spared from being immersed in water. The stone is supposed to have occult powers to protect the wearer against evils. It changes its colour if the wearer is to get some disaster. It removes eye troubles if eyes are touched by it. Originally found in Turkey, the stone is good for persons with numbers 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8. It is sought by those who seek spiritual enlightenment.

Tourmaline: This stone is silicate and borate of alumina, magnesia and iron. It is found in a variety of colours because of its composition. Those in red and pink are called Rubellite, black is named Schori, green is named Brazilian Emerald, blue is Brazilian Sapphire, violet red is Siberite, yellow or yellow green is Ceylonese Periods and colourless is Anchorite. Some of the stones are green externally and red internally and vice-versa; some are red at one end and green or black at the other. This stone should be worn in silver by those who desire to improve their financial position and status in society or by students or those appearing in competitive examinations. The red, white, green, yellow, and blue colours can be substituted by Ruby, Diamonds, Emeralds, Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire.

Tiger's Eye: This is a fibrous quartzes of golden yellow to bluish colour which gives chatoyant effects when properly cut and polished. This gem stone is used as substitute for Cat's Eye. The stone is found in abundance in Africa. It has white, grey, red or wood colour. It bestows to the wearer drive, especially to those whose birth number is 2 or 7. The stone gives extra energy and stamina to the wearer and keeps him tension free.

Zircon: Also called American Diamond, this attractive stone, which looks like the colour of urine of the cow, has a wide range of colours red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, etc. It looks like Diamond. The stone has a hard and brilliant lustre and is greatly beneficial to those whose Rahu is placed in the ascendant. The stone is recommended for those born in April whom it will bestow prestige, popularity in society and especially with the opposite sex. It will bring in prosperity, position, prestige and honors. It promotes sound sleep and makes one happy. The gem stone which shows a light blackish hue from a distance, is rough, without radiance, is flat bodied, is full of layers and looks like a yellow piece of glass, is unsuspicious and should not be used.
Writer – Rakesh Shastri
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