Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fashion jewerly fancy wooden painted beads

925 Rounded handmade wooden painted beadsThroughout past decades, painted wooden beads have had significant symbolic meaning in many societies. In some communities, particularly in parts of Asia, people use them during prayers. Apart from several other reasons, wooden beads are favoured due to their pleasing aroma. Scents from some specific indigenous wood species are said to aid prayer seekers and monks during intense meditation. Past cultures in some parts of Africa used wooden beads as symbols to depict one’s rank in society. Bead’s colour and shape were to help distinguish between different ranks. Beads were and still are worn predominantly during occasions such as funeral or weddings.

Modern wooden beads are excellent components in the production of handicraft projects such as making of jewelry. There is a limit beyond which you can project your artistic capabilities when dealing with wooden beads. Wooden beads are usually painted for many reasons. You may want to have your beads painted with different decorative colours.

Secondly, it is proper to apply paint to wooden beads so as to prevent scratches on it. Quality paint actually helps in prolonging the lifespan of painted wooden beads. Additionally, paint on wooden beads gives it the required bright sparkle to make it suitable for all seasons.

The beauty with wood beads rests in the fact that they are easily manipulated to create numerous styles as well as sizes. Modern wood beads come in different colour blends some of which are blended with dye and paint. Beautiful accessories such wooden bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings are usual byproducts of jewelry making. If your skin is sensitive to synthetic beads you may opt to go for natural wooden beads which many people are not allergic to.

Indian tube wooden painted beads
In recent times, painted wooden beads have become the standard norm within the fashion industry. This is largely due to the fact that wood beads are not only chic, but inexpensive. Often, wooden beads are designed to provide the necessary subtle yet earthy tint to any fashion outfit. Furthermore, these beads can be customized in many different styles to provide all manner of genre of effects.

More often than not, several non-natural materials like acrylic, glass etc are mixed with wooden beads to produce different design styles. When summer season draws near, wooden beads come in handy to grace the holiday season. If you would like to acquire painted wooden beads at discounted wholesale prices, Legend Art Beads offer wide range of them at prices that are friendly to your pocket.

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