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Dazzling sterling silver filigree beads

Oxidize sterling silver filigree beads
Filigree beads are some of the oldest rosaries whose historical background can be traced as far back as 18th century. It has some rare form of jet beads that is a highly regarded collectible. They are hard to carve hence most of them are found with irregular shapes.

Vintage beads whose origin can be traced back to Far East during early European civilization can be obtained but at a prize. Many collectors are busy building their inventories as more and more past estates get discovered. It is for this very reason that you would find most collectors being passionate about the background of filigree beads.

As the name suggests, functional jewelry findings constitute the mechanics that create jewelry pieces. Their main function includes constructive roles such as linking, attaching or joining various components to make a complete piece. For instance, the brooch back has its assembly comprising a catch, joint, and pin stem which can be attached to any item either by soldering or gluing. 

A catch is an essential component that is designed to accept then lock a pin stem or top wire. When used individually, the catch is a crucial tool when making bracelets plus necklaces. They form critical link mechanisms that hold various pieces together.

Occasionally, some earring designs make use of wire findings which bear the shape of the Greek letter ‘omega’. It has invariably been referred to omega clip and is employed to pivot in one terminal of a yoke-joint which attaches to the earring itself. You require elegantly decorative jewelry findings in order to add aesthetic quality to any piece. Available decorative findings are available in countless quantities. 

Handmade sterling silver filigree beadsIt is not uncommon to encounter filigree beads, charms and festoons. You reckon that charms are the tiny findings that dangle from necklaces or bracelets. More often than not, you would find them carved in form of animals. Some may represent tokens wealth and are usually made of silver or gold.

Filigree, being an ornamental bent wire can be soldered into complex design patterns whereas festoons usually form necklace center-pieces. Common designs have ringed pendants on either side where a chain can be attached. Hybrid jewelry is composed of two findings and it functions as a mechanical component while giving additional decorative theme to the same jewelry piece. Common examples of such hybrid designs include bead caps, locket bails and bracelets. It suffices to note that a bead cap, which is a form of metallic embellishment, is placed on filigree beads in order to mask and protect the beads.

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