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Carved Beads Wholesale

Carved Beads Wholesale

If you have ever been to any archaeological site you would find some of the oldest carved beads. This depicts positive attributes to the culture of bead producers. If beads were to sustain life, then the makers of such beads must have had enough food storage to allow them to devote all their time to bead making. In order to create a big impression from small beads is an indicator of legitimate wealth that has since been attached to bead production.

During ancient times, people used materials at hand to make beads. The required materials may not have been available in abundance then but they possessed some unique properties which were overly attractive. Beads were thus made from what was at hand. Most carved beads were made from different raw materials, some of which were hard while some were a little softer to carve. Initial beads were used as fasteners, just like zippers, snaps or buttons are used today.


Based on historical background information, carved beads have been manufactured from wood. Exceptionally intriguing design styles and qualities have been achieved. The sacred attributes attached to wooden beads by various religions then was even more perplexing. Trimmings of mature rose bushes in conjunction with olive tree gained much preference due to their attractive scent and beautiful grain patterns. Today’s sandalwood beads can be found in various light weight and coloured pieces. They also emit faint aromatic smell that is considered by some faiths to be soothing to the soul.


From the time human beings began to feed on creatures from the sea, sea shells have been used to serve different purposes. Multi-coloured beads can also be found among many pieces in today’s marketplace. Initially, smaller beads were strung and employed as fabric fasteners.


Required for their meat and skins, animals with edible meat provided enough supply of bones to make carved beads. Since bones are easy to carve, they provide readily available resource base to making small implements such as beads and household tool handles.


Antler adornments differ in their composition and extent of hardness. Some pieces may thus be easy to carve while others are extremely hard. Their usage is primarily dictated by the properties that constitute the raw material. Rugged hard antlers are used to produce small tools like handles, and other household implements. Little softer antlers may be carved to make decorative items such as beads.

With ever changing standards, design formats and future innovations, use of carved beads as utilitarian decorative items would continue to flourish without becoming obsolete tomorrow., Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Unique Style Silver Crafted Beads... 

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