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World's famous diamonds

World's Famous Diamonds
Although diamonds are found in many countries, some of them stand above all for their weight, shine, abnormal beauty, efficacy eternally, lesser availability and divinity. Let us discuss them one by one.

Kohinoor: This 186-carat diamond once belonged to Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab. It was purchased by the Shah of Iran in 1739 from the raja with the help of the Britishers who had started spreading their wings in India then. Later it was procured by the East India Co. which presented it to the queen of England. It was later fixed in the crown of Queen Mary. At present it is in the custody of London Tower.

Shah: This 88.7—carat weighing diamond was also procured from Indian mine. It was very lightly polished. It changed hands many times and ultimately reached the Shah of Iran and was retained by him for a long period. In 1829 the Shah presented it to Tsar Nicholas the First. At present it is lying in Kremlin (Moscow).

Kulinon: This 530.20—carat weighing diamond was cut, trimmed and polished from the 3106—carat weighing diamond, perhaps the weightiest diamond so far taken out. It has got its name from Sir Thomas Kulinon, the chairman of the mine company. This diamond adorns London Tower at the present. It is also called Star of Africa.

Florantine: This 137.27—carat diamond was acquired by the Madisi family of Florence in 1657, nobody knows from whom. In the 18th century it adorned the crown of Hapsburg. Later it was used as a pin. It got lost during the First World War.

World's Famous Diamonds
Sansi: This diamond weighs 55 carat. Charles the Brawe adorned it in 1490. Later Senyore, the French ambassador posted in Turkey, purchased it. In 1906 the piece went to the Aster family of England.

Nasak: This diamond was looted by the Britishers from the Shiv Temple in Nasik in 1818. Then it weighed 43.38 carat. It was trimmed. At present it is owned by some rich American.

Tiffani: This diamond was procured from the Kimberly mines of South Africa. When it was taken out, it weighed 287.42 carat. After trimming it weighed 128.51 carat. One New York jeweler by the name Tiffani bought it and remolded it into 52 square pieces.

Dresden: It was acquired from a mine in India. This 41- carat diamond was bought by Duke Augusta in 1700. It is at present in the Green Hall of Dresden.

Hope: One banker H.T. Hope purchased this 44.50—carat piece and today it is with the Smith Seniyan Association of the U.S.

Writer - Rakesh Shastri & J.C. Joshi
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